Quick Bite

Hello everyone! I hope your day is wonderful šŸ™‚

I got my first comment on the blog, so exciting!! (Hi, Tina!)

I thought I’d try out a “Quick Bite” section on the blog. I can blog from my iPhone, so I thought I would share recent eats from my day but in a mini post.

I have been hungry today (like fantasizing about lunch while you eat your midmorning snack hungry)! I have been having a hard time eating enough at breakfast (I think it’s the heat because that is SO not like me) so when lunch rolls around I am ready to go! Today for lunch I had a kale salad (tenderly massaged the night before) with chicken, quinoa, chickpeas, corn, carrots, and cucumber. Honestly the raw kale was a little tougher than usual, even with the rubdown. I think the rest of the bundle is going to get a steam (how is it that my kale gets spa treatments and I don’t?!).

Hope you are having a wonderful day! What was on your lunch menu?