Review: The Bungalow

Hi friends! I hope those of you celebrating had a lovely holiday weekend! I’ve been busy with family, and sneaking away to read The Bungalow by Sarah Jio (the same author of The Violets of march.

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the book. When I worked in publishing, one of my responsibilities was to mail those out, so it was exciting to be on the receiving end for once.


From Goodreads: In the summer of 1942, twenty-one-year-old Anne Calloway, newly engaged, sets off to serve in the Army Nurse Corps on the Pacific island of Bora-Bora. More exhilarated by the adventure of a lifetime than she ever was by her predictable fiancé, she is drawn to a mysterious soldier named Westry, and their friendship soon blossoms into hues as deep as the hibiscus flowers native to the island. Under the thatched roof of an abandoned beach bungalow, the two share a private world-until they witness a gruesome crime, Westry is suddenly redeployed, and the idyll vanishes into the winds of war.

A timeless story of enduring passion, The Bungalow chronicles Anne’s determination to discover the truth about the twin losses-of life, and of love-that have haunted her for seventy years.

Wow. Just wow. This book is amazing! I’ve been looking forward to it since I read Violets. Sarah is just an amazing author. She has such an elegant writing style, and truly brings her characters to life and transports you directly into the story.

I loved the era in which the book took place, it was realistic and the characters were so appropriate.

I feel like no matter how I write this review all I really want to say is OMG read this book, it’s amazing!

Like Violets, there are a few story lines that beautifully wound together. I just can’t stop gushing about this book!

It’s on sale tomorrow, and I highly recommend it 🙂

As the new year approaches I am doing some blog housekeeping and I am thinking instead of “reviews,” making a virtual book club. It’s always been a goal of mine to have more of a discussion because I don’t really like feeling like I am “giving away” the plot. I’d rather read and discuss. Thoughts?

Review: Night Circus (and I met one of my fave authors last night!)

Hi friends! I hope that your day is lovely. It is a gorgeous day here, even if it is chilly, I just call that good running weather!

Last night I went to Kathy Reichs’s book signing at the library, SO much fun! Lots of talking about the Temperance Brennan novels, as well as her young adult series which features Tempe’s niece Tory (which she co-writes with her son, very cool!) (review of that series to come when I finish my new signed copy of the newest installment). She even talked a little about the new season of Bones; all around it was a lot of fun!

Kathy is a lucky lady and gets to sit and look amazing while the rest of us who may or may not have come from working out have to bend over and look awkward (just be grateful that I was conscious enough not to give you a shot of the ladies). I am SO glad that King’s English Bookshop brought her out, and I am looking forward to heading out to a lot more events like this in my area!

Onward to a new review! I finished Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern a few weeks ago, it was one of those books you don’t want to end, and want to reread almost instantly.

I was 100% enthralled and captivated by the story and the beautiful way in which Ms. Morgenstern truly brings the circus to life. The entire book from start to finish is just… enchanting.

I was going to put in a summary from either GoodReads or the author’s website, but both give away a big element I wish I hadn’t known before I read the book. So, I am going to break away from my usual review format to keep you in suspense! 

This book popped up on my radar a few times over the last few months and I couldn’t wait for it to come out. I read some early reviews, and I knew I would enjoy it. 

Full of magic and fantasy, the book takes place in the late 1800s, early 1900s, all around the world but mainly in London and the circus itself (which travels a lot). The author does a great job of creating a wonderful fantasy-like backdrop for the storyline while still being true to the era in which it is set. Like I said, the circus comes to life as you read.

One aspect that I didn’t like was that the chronology was not linear. Which I am usually 50/50 about in general, but in this book I wasn’t a huge fan, BUT I think that it was mainly because I read it on my nook, which makes it harder to flip back a few pages to double check which year/location you are in.  

Other than that tiny aspect, I absolutely loved it and I already want to read it again and again.

Have you read this book yet? What are you reading now?

I am going to start reading Seizure by Kathy Reichs as soon as I get back from my run today, can’t wait!

WIAW + How I Cook Spaghetti Squash

Hi lovlies!! It’s Wednesday!!! You know what that means!

Let’s get down to brass tacks (anyone know the origin of that saying?).

Breakfast was an egg white scramble with a turkey sausage patty (at the cafeteria at work). They finally know the more veggies the better, and to use the spray not the “butter” or whatever it is they use usually. Score!

Lunch was a salad with chicken, cucumber, mango salsa, and a 100 calorie flatbread. Have you seen these? They are like a cross between a pita and a tortilla, I love them!

Snack was a Sun Warrior protein drink with almond milk. And water. Always water.

Snack 2.0 was after my run, I knew I needed something to hold me over till dinner. Some pretzels, a Crystal Light Pure, and a new library book on the side.

Dinner was a (small) spaghetti squash with a bit of butter, garlic, salt, and red pepper flakes. On top was a chicken, feta, and spinach sausage. Yummy in my tummy!

Never had a spaghetti squash? This is how I make it:

1. CAREFULLY cut the squash in half lengthwise. Don’t do this (it was stuck and my husband bad to literally break it apart to get the knife out):
2. Scoop out the seeds. 
3. Fill a baking dish with about 1/4 inch of water, place the squash halves in cut side down. Cover with foil and bake at 400 degrees until soft. About 45 minutes depending on the size of the squash. (I hate undercooked squash, so I always make mine nice and tender.)
4. Remove from the oven and take off the baking dish to cool for a bit. Once you can safely handle it (or use an oven mitt) use a fork to make “spaghetti” by gently scraping out the flesh.

If you don’t have 45 minutes, or you have a microwave (we don’t), or you want a more in-depth tutorial with pictures, check out Janetha’s tutorial post

What are you eating today? Have you had spaghetti squash before? Love it or hate it?

Check out an amazing running shoe giveaway on Janae’s blog Hungry Runner Girl. If you haven’t checked our her blog, regardless of the giveaway, you should. She’s amazing and has such a fun blog, and I pretty much want to be her new BFF 🙂  

Fall Into Fitness Fridays

Happy first official day of fall everyone! How fitting that it fell on the same day as my Fall Into Fitness update? Look at this, the leaves on the tree outside our house are starting to change! So exciting!

I’ve had quite the week here I must say. Everything just kind of happened somewhat last minute, and I am just exhausted. Most weeks if I know that this is going to happen I prewrite some posts on the weekend, but I kind of dropped the ball on that one. If you fail to plan you plan to fail, right? It also doesn’t help that the two posts I did have ready to go we having technical difficulties, and I just didn’t have the time to sort them out. So yeah. Sorry. I am really noticing that as my life gets busier I need to be more organized and plan ahead. No longer are the days where I was working three days a week and could nap the rest of the days away and fit in fitness and other things at my leisure.

Oh my ChaLEAN Extreme came yesterday!!! I was so sad when I got an email saying that it wouldn’t be here till the 28th (sad day). Then Kim looked it up, and said it might be the 24th, then I got home and there it was! I was quite excited. The Hot by Halloween Challenge starts on MONDAY, so I am so glad it is here! I need to send in my measurements this weekend, can you tell I am putting it off? But I am excited for the before and after info J

Last week I set out three goals for the weekend, and I think I did a pretty good job of meeting them. Let’s review, shall we?

  1. Workout at least once. Done and done. I went for a run on Sunday morning first thing, and it was great!
  2. Try a new recipe/prep some meals for the week. I made two new recipes last week. One was for a guest post coming up in a few, the other was the soup recipe I posted earlier this week. I really wish that I could convey my obsession with this soup over the internet. It. Was. So. Good.
  3. Print out my training schedule. So I made my schedule, but I didn’t print it yet. One, because we were having issues getting power to our “office” and two because I wanted to include the ChaLEAN workouts on there. My running workouts are already planned out until the half marathon though.

So, what should my goals be for this weekend….?

  1. Hit the pavement twice. I skipped a run for a very good reason this week (more on that below), so I want to go out later this afternoon and Sunday morning again (I love how quite Sunday mornings are, it’s a great time to get out).
  2. Do some blog organizing and planning. In addition to my regular scheduled rambling, I have three guest posts coming up, and I really need to update my pages to have the most up-to-date links on them. Oh and I have a great idea for a new banner, but I need to see if it will actually look cool, or totally lame.
  3. Make a list of must-read books. I have a few random lists on my phone or computer or nook, but I still feel like I am always wondering what I should read next. I would love suggestions! I requested the books that The Game of Thrones is based on at the library for my nook, I watched season 1 on demand, and it was good!

I INTERUPT THIS POST TO BRING YOU AN EMBARASSING STORY. OK, I had to share this. I am at my desk right now with a cup of water with a lid and straw and a to-go cup of coffee. Welllll, I just put my head down with my tongue out trying to find my straw. Too bad it was my coffee. I am really glad I am alone right now.

One other thing I would like to do is a little shopping especially for new workout pants. Let me explain why I skipped my run yesterday. On Tuesday I was running and it was going great. Just as I started my last running segment of my workout, I felt a weird pain on my inner thigh. I didn’t really think much of it, but when I hopped in the shower to destink myself, it HURT. Yeah, I had a pretty intense chafing incident. And it’s not healing well because it’s not like I can’t wear pants at work (how is that for casual Fridays? Hahahaha) and I didn’t have a large enough bandaid for it until I went to the store yesterday. Fine call me a wimp if you will, but if you don’t believe me that this is horrible, then scrape off some skin on your inner/upper thigh where a seam of your pants will always hit it no matter what you wear, and then we can talk about the pain you experience every. Single. Step. It’s feeling a lot better today, and I saw that the culprit was some fraying on the seam of my favorite running capris (I got them on sale from Nike a few years ago for $20) so I am thinking it might be time to replace them.

What are YOU doing this weekend? How are your Fall Into Fitness goals coming along?

Fall Into Fitness

While for some people the decline in temperature means the end of the wonderful warm summer and gearing up for a dreary winter ahead. Me? No way! I honestly think I might have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I get very cranky during the summer. Very cranky. I really hate being overheated (I almost put I hate being hot, but who are we kidding 😉 haha).

Fall is already on it’s way, I can feel and see the wonderful changes on their way. Just this evening my husband took me outside to show me that some of our trees are starting to turn. Amazing! Now I am pretty much classifying this as my first “real” fall. Where I grew up in California we had cooler months starting in October, but when I moved farther south, that declined considerably. Now that I am in Utah I am excited for the full experience.

So, I welcome you to my Fall Into Fitness series! I feel so invigorated by the upcoming season. Running outside, enjoying the beautiful scenery and not having to worry about going before 7 a.m. or after 8 p.m.? I’m sold! Warm yummy meals without feeling like I am going to melt in the kitchen? Heaven!

So the plan? It’s simple: Take advantage of the wonderful weather and the change of the seasons to put a little spark in my fire (which has been dwindling lately my friends, dwindling!). In reads recipes runs fashion, I’ve broken them into my three fave categories.

reads – I am excited to curl up with a great book with a cup of tea and snuggle with a blanket. I am kind of scattered with my reads right now, but I am having so much fun with my nook. I also really want to read a book about running. Any suggestions?

recipes – Most of my favorite produce is a product of fall. (Except apples, I need to do a post to introduce you all to my aversion to apples.) Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, pumpkin, butternut squash… swoon! The best part is that there are SO MANY ways to enjoy fall flavors in a light, healthy way. This is also soup season, and soup is literally my favorite! Especially broth-based soups. Expect some heart warming, but waste friendly, recipes in the following months.

runs – It’s cooling off finally and it’s amazing. I definitely want to take advantage of running outside while I can (I don’t see this happening often once it starts snowing, let’s be honest). I finally sorted out the gym membership debacle at work, so we can go get our memberships back.

Like I mentioned in my post last week, I really wanted something to bring me out of my funk, and I think that my Fall Into Fitness plan is just the way to go about it!

Want to join me? Tell me about your fall fitness plans below (they can be food related, workout related and as big or as little as you want, they also don’t need to be new either) and we can have check-ins every Friday. How’s Fall Into Fitness Fridays sound? Hows that for alliteration!?

What is your favorite season?

Versatile Blogger Award

Hello there! Sorry to leave you hanging the past few days. I’ve been somewhat unplugged. This is the first time I’ve been on my computer for days, and it’s been kind of great. I am pretty exhausted for some reason, I am hoping that I snap back to my old self soon, otherwise I don’t see this week going well… I’m feeling pretty ridiculous. I can’t focus, I am tired, and just blah.

So again, sorry, sometimes you just need a break.

The lovely Sarah over at Simply Dove gave me The Versatile Blogger Award. So sweet! Sarah is great and so is her blog. We “met” through the FitBlog chat that happens on Tuesdays. It’s a great way to connect with people in the blogging world, both bloggers and readers alike.

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this award along to 10 recently discovered blogs.

So, my seven things (each are going to be related to reads, recipes, or runs, since that’s how I roll):

  • I got a nook for my birthday and I can’t put it down!
  • I got new running shoes today. Salt Lake Running Co. was amazing, I was super happy with the service, and I can’t wait to get running on them.
  • I love buying new cookbooks, but I rarely cook directly from a recipe. I am more of a improviser.
  • As a kid, my friend and I would hang out and read our books together. I have a picture somewhere… it’s awesome.
  • I finally told my mom about the half marathon, and I kind of think that she doesn’t think I am going to do it.
  • I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open right now, and it’s not even 7 p.m.
  • Totally random, but I can’t find any of our can openers since the move. Not great since like half of my planned meals involve the cans of beans in the cabinet.
Now I get to tag some newly discovered blogs (to me at least, in no order):

It All Changes…
The Italian Housewife
Beth’s Journey
Sorey Fitness  (this is a mother-daughter blogging team, so they each get an award)
reRun Running (this is a sister team, so they also each get an award)
Twelve in Twelve
The Big Personality of a Little Vegan
Back Road Journal 

I hope you are all enjoying the last bit of your long weekend! 


Well hello there! Good morning to you 🙂  Not so much of a good morning to me, I got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep last night. Not so great after a busy day, with a full week ahead of me.

Oddly enough I woke up wanting to run, unfortunately, I didn’t have time before work, so I am hoping that my determination doesn’t waver once I get home. I don’t have a book review for you this week, I have yet to finish a book in the past few weeks because of the move, but I thought I would do a post on e-readers.

When e-readers first gained popularity I was pretty skeptical. I am a book girl through and through. I love buying a new book and smelling it (although with library books I do not suggest this practice). I love everything about books. I learned a lot more about e-readers and e-books when I was working at a publishing company, and I started to warm up to the idea once we bought a few for research. My sister got a Kindle, and being an English teacher, I took her word for it when she gave glowing reviews.

Then I started thinking about it, and I realized that an e-reader would be a fun addition to my library. There were a few reasons why my opinion changed:

  1. Cheaper books. Sorry publishers, but I know in general it’s cheaper to manufacture an e-book and I know how the contracting agreements work (in general) and you don’t get to complain about how much you are making off of each book. It’s a changing industry, but I don’t think that books will ever be replaced. Adapt. Oh and authors, don’t complain, just be smart during contract negotiations.
  2. Lending books. I think that it’s a great idea when publishers allow book lending on their e-readers. If you buy a book you can lend it to a friend, why should that element of community be taken away while e-reading?
  3. Library books. While not yet available on the Kindle, you can get library books on a number of devices.
  4. Instant gratification. Oh, it’s 2 a.m., and I can’t sleep and I want a book to read. BAM. That’s the sound of your new book being downloaded.

When I started doing research about what I wanted I realized a few things. I wanted an e-reader dedicated to just reading. No backlit display, e-ink, and as close to an actual book as possible. Honestly, the majority of e-readers are great, and it really just depends on what you are looking for.

There is one thing that I feel is missing from the e-reader world. Book rentals. Dear Publishers, sometimes I don’t want to pay full price for a book that I don’t think I will ever read again. Here is what I think that you should do (feel free to send any compensation my way for this amazing idea, e-book buying credit would be sufficient): Have a book rental option for something like $4. Then you get the book for say, 10 days. At the end of ten days, you have the option to “return” the book (obviously the publisher keeps the $4) or you can purchase it for the remainder of the list price. So say I wanted to rent a book that costs $12. I would pay $4. Then if I loved it and wanted to keep it, at the end of 10 days I would pay $8 and the book would be mine. This way publishers are still making money, but they are making more money than if they make the book lendable.

What are your thoughts on e-readers? If you own one what do you think about it?  

Review: The Temperance Brennan Series

Hi there! I hope that your week is off to a great start. I hit the pavement [not so] bright and early this morning for a jog. It was perfect jogging weather, not too light, not too warm, just right.

Since Kathy Reichs’s newest book Flash and Bones in the Temperance Brennan series is coming out tomorrow, I thought I would share my review of the series as a whole. I am going to go ahead and warn you right now that I am totally in love with these books, get ready for a geeky, gushy post.

I am a huge fan of the TV show, Bones, which is loosely based on the books, so every time I watched an episode and I saw the info about the books in the beginning credits, I was like, “I need to read those!”

Last summer I finally took the plunge and began with book one, Déjà Dead. That was all it took! I literally flew through the rest of the series, sometimes reading two in one weekend. My friend went to Comic Con and got one of the newer books for me, and it only took a few short months before I got to it.

So what do I like about these books? Well, I have always been a huge mystery reader, as a kid I used to dream of becoming an FBI agent, so these books were right up my alley. The books are very different from the show, but just as amazing in their own right. Reichs does a fantastic job of injecting science, romance, mystery, and action in to each book. (Although side rant, I don’t understand how Tempe doesn’t have any permanent brain damage. She loses consciousness at least once a book…)

I love Book Tempe, dare I say even more than TV Tempe (PS when I went to Arizona for work last month, I got WAY too excited when I saw a sign for Tempe, Arizona… it’s the little things). Other than Temperance, the characters in the books don’t match with the characters in the show. There is a Booth-like character, but the others come and go through various books.  

One element that I love about the shows is how TV Tempe is an author whose main character in her books is Dr. Kathy Reichs. I also like the nods to the other characters in the books, like Agents Andrew, and Ryan who are mentioned in the episode where the Japanese reporter interviews Tempe about the books and all she asks about are the steamy parts. PS Reichs was in an episode as well. And yes, yes I did go back and watch the episodes that talk about the books after reading them 🙂

I’ve been asked a few times if the books need to be read in order. While I say yes I realize that I am a little OCD like that and I think that you can also pick one up and read from there. Reichs maintains a good balance between keeping new readers in the loop without annoying those who have read them in order, that and I always skip the paragraphs that talk about what happened in the last book…

If you are interested in reading them in order, here is the list. I kept getting confused by Spider Bones and 206 Bones but I think that’s because the copy of 206 Bones I had may have been an advanced copy and the info was wrong.

I am sure you can guess what I will be doing when I get off work tomorrow!

Have you read any of these books? Watched the show? Are there any series that you are dedicated to? When I was younger I used to read a mystery series called the Jennie McGrady series, and it was a sad, sad day when those ended. (I just read that these are out of print!! NO! Although I do feel special that I own the entire series 🙂 )

Review: Naturally Thin

Gooooood morning! I hope you are having a good Friday so far. I had the chance to sleep in (amazing) and later today I am going to do some cleaning around the old place, laundry, and then head over to the new place and get the master bedroom finished (hopefully).

I found out yesterday that we are going to move the big stuff on Sunday afternoon, which is a HUGE relief, since that means that tomorrow we will have time to finish and clean everything before we move in the furniture… oh, and actually pack. You know how we do.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a recipe or a reads post this week. I feel like I’ve failed you as a blogger. What have I even been talking about this week anyways? Haha. So today you get a reads post, and tomorrow you will get a recipe post 🙂

I recently finished Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel with Eve Adamson. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I actually loved Bethenny’s shows on Bravo, and at my old work I edited one of Eve’s other books, so I thought I’d give it a read!

All in all I liked it! Bethenny’s main claim is that there is no such thing as “naturally thin” and that by following her 10 rules you can unveil a naturally thin you. Each chapter talks about what each rule means (thank goodness, the rules themselves are a bit ambiguous). I’m not going to go into each rule, I’m not going to give away secrets in my reviews, but I am going to highlight my two favorite and my two least favorite rules. But honestly they were all useful.

My favorites: 
Cancel your membership to the clean plate club: This one is fairly self explanatory but has been quite valuable for me.

Know thyself: I like that this one talked about following the rules in a way that works for you. For me this touched a cord because I am not the person who can just wait until I am just somewhat hungry and ready to eat. 80% of the time, that doesn’t happen. I go from fine to I am going to hurt someone I am so hungry, so knowing that doing what is best for my body is OK.

Rules I am so-so about:
Check yourself before you wreck yourself: This rule talks about emotional eating and basically says “just stop.” HA. If only it was that easy. This is a daily struggle for past bingers, and I thought it deserved a little more attention.

Taste everything, eat nothing: This rule is great in theory, but if you haven’t yet mastered the above rule, this rule is infinitely harder to handle, especially eating out or being at a party is a binge trigger for you.

What I liked about the book:
I like that this book isn’t a “diet” and that it outlines healthy habits to adopt. The book touts moderation and balance, something I really appreciate. One concept covered is balancing your meals, for example if you have a “protein” meal for breakfast, then have a “carb” meal for lunch. At first I was so confused by this concept. Meals are supposed to be balanced, right? Carbs, protein, fat all in an optimal balance for your health. Right, in concept, and if you look at what you eat, and read part two of the book where they give specific meal examples, most meals are a little more tipped in one direction or another. It definitely keeps you mindful of what you are putting into your body.

Which brings me to the second thing I really like about the book. Mindfulness is talked about constantly in this book, and I think that becoming mindful of yourself is a huge key in weight loss.

The recipes. Um, tofu salad sandwich? Changed my life. I can’t wait to try more of her recipes! They use real ingredients that most people have around the house, and aren’t too fancy or complicated. Also, I just found out the liquor store down the street started to stock skinnygirl margaritas. Win.

What I didn’t like:
Some of the rules, to me at least, seemed that they could foster disordered eating behaviors. I also didn’t like how ambiguous some of the rules were, and some of the descriptions were a bit of a stretch.

At first I didn’t like that there was a “meal plan” but then I read it, and it make things make so much more sense to me. But I didn’t like the emphasis on eating out. I know that authors can only write about what they know, and that living in New York City is a lot different that anywhere else in the country, but I wish that there was more emphasis on what more people go through. Making lunches to take to work, make ahead meals for after long days at the office.

All in all, this was a good read! I can already tell you that I am using some of the rules every day, and it’s making me feel better already.

Review: Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Books

Hello lovelies! I hope your having a great day. Mine has been… interesting. I woke up exhausted and craving cards like a mad woman. I later got a headache at work, took a nap, and woke up with an even worse headache. It’s one of those if I move it gets worse, so I am planning some intense relaxing this evening, lots of hydrating, and maybe a walk if I feel up for it later.

Here is a review of books 1-5 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (the books True Blood are based on) by Charlaine Harris.

(all of the images are from the Goodreads links below)

Dead Until Dark 
Living Dead in Dallas
Club Dead
Dead to the World 

Dead as a Doornail 

I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books after I watched seasons one and two of True Blood. I had heard good things about it, but never saw it, so I thought it would be a good Netflix pick.

I liked the show, so I thought that it would be fun to read the books, besides this way I can find out what happened faster if I read the books. 😉

For those of you who have seen the show but haven’t read the books, I think you would like it. One book = one season on the show, so there are clearly some additions and embellishments. They also do a little better job of foreshadowing on the show than in the books, but it’s easier to do a background story in a book than a TV show sometimes as it happens instead of leading up to it. That and the TV show has the blueprint of the story in the books, so they can drag things out a bit longer.

Honestly, the first book wasn’t my favorite. It was a little bit too romance-y if you catch my drift. Since I had already seen the show, I knew what was going to happen, same with the second book.

I really liked the third book! Which I think is mainly because I am not a Bill fan. At. All. But by far the fourth book was my favorite so far. I am team Eric all the way!

The fifth book was also good, I liked that the author branched out with the “format” of the previous book and had two story lines going on at once.

Honestly, these books aren’t fantastic, they aren’t going to make you think or cry or feel something meaningful. They are however, entertaining and will distract you with a good story and let’s face it, Eric is dreamy.

The books are getting better as the series goes along, and I am really looking forward to reading more of these as breaks between some of my more serious reads. A few of my friends are super huge fans, so I am excited to stick with the books and see what happens.

I appreciate that as the series goes on Sookie has evolved, she was kind of annoying in the first books and the TV show, but reading the books you kind of understand her quirks more on the show that they don’t really explain.

Some of the fashion and technological references are cracking me up: no cell phones, red tights with black shoes, it’s almost as good as the long khaki skirt in Twilight.

What I am reading now: A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel

Up next: Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Have you read any of these books? Are you on the vampire bandwagon? I’ve read the Twilight series, some of the Vampire Diaries, and these, but I am still a little skeptical. I heard that the new fantasy “it” creature are going to be mermaids. Should be interesting!