Five Fun Finds

Morning friends! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was lovely, I got to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather we had here (and are still having). I had a fantastic Saturday morning ballet class (the teacher seriously felt the need to punish my calves, they are killing me still), took an AMAZING nap, and spent the rest of the day outside! Yesterday we spent most of the morning at the park, enjoyed a yummy sushi lunch at Happy Sumo (if you live near one check out their VIP program, WORTH IT) on the patio, hit up a new-to-me bar, and just relaxed.

I’ve come across some fun things in the last few weeks, so I thought I would share!

1. The Garage.


This is a bar in Salt Lake (maybe technically it’s out of the city limits, it’s on the way to Bountiful…) I’ve driven past it a bunch of times on the way to my friend’s place, but kind of thought it was a dive/biker bar. Well it’s not, really! Someone mentioned that they had corn hole and fried funeral potato (a total Utah thing, but my mom has made them for years under the name “cheesy potatoes”) bites, so I was IN. It was a nice way to spend our Sunday afternoon.

2. KLUTCH Club.

I read about this on another blog. HOW FRIGGIN COOL. I want a subscription, but it would also be such a great gift for someone who you know who is either passionate about health and fitness or wants to be and is interested in trying new things but isn’t quite sure how. It’s also a great way to try products you usually might not pick out for yourself. (Husband, if you are reading this, consider this a giant wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

 3. My new Lululemon top  

I just saw that this is on sale now. WTF GUYS. I seriously HATE it when that happens. I bought this for dance initially, but I’ve been wearing it a lot more than I was expecting to. I especially LOVE how forgiving it is in the tummy area. Now to get something that is as flattering on my arms… (seriously I could write 10 posts on how much I hate them).

4. My new flats!

So I finally invested in some more expensive flats. I really needed to and since Aurora decided to rip out the lining of a few, I thought one good pair that I keep in the closet when they aren’t on my feet is a good idea. I had seen the TOMs flats, loved them, but wasn’t a huge fan of the price. I tried them on though and fell in love! The grey linen is a good spring neutral and they are so comfy!

5. Dermalogica products

I got a facial before I got my hair done last weekend, and they used Dermalogica products. This was my first time using the brand, and I am loving it. But seriously, WHY do I have to have such expensive tastes? One thing that she told me that I knew but was avoiding was that I have premature aging skin. (WEAR SUNSCREEN PEOPLE) I knew this, and I am loving the results of the facial. I want to get the month-long trial for their AGEsmart system and see how it goes from there. That way I can try the products out and see which I like.

Share something new to you with me!

4 thoughts on “Five Fun Finds

  1. I hate it when things go on sale after I buy them! Try buying $600 Vitamix and seeing the same exact thing you got at Costco 2 weeks later for $350. UGH. Off to check your other links!

  2. i am such a cheapo that when things like finding things went on sale after i purchased them, if i can, i’m the dork who will spend the time to go back and attempt to get an adjustment…lol.
    anyways, i wanted to say that i’ve ALWAYS wished i could do ballet, i tried but being that i’m not even able to touch my toes i think u can imagine how my career played out. Have a great rest of ur night!

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