100 Foods

Morning! Well almost afternoon! How did that happen? I am still so sleepy! This morning I woke up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. Does that ever happen to you? It’s like some kind of sick joke. I was talking to a friend of mine at work about this once, and I was like “Sometimes I am so tired I think I am going to throw up.” And she looked at me like I was nuts. OK maybe I am, but now I am curious, does anyone else ever get so tired that they want to throw up? Is that even a thing?

Also my hip is MAD at me today. I have had issues with bursitis in the past, and I am really REALLY hoping that this isn’t that again, but it’s usually one of my first signs I am pushing it too much. SO, we will see. Maybe I just need a good foam rolling session.

So have you seen this 100 foods list floating around? I am not sure where it originated, so I don’t know who to source, but a bunch of my friends have been posting in on Facebook. I thought it would make a fun post!

  1. Abalone: Nope, I’ve seen the shells though
  2. Absinthe: No again, but I think I’d give it a go. Just so that I can float like Robin and Lilly on HIMYM.
  3. Alligator: No and no intention to.
  4. Baba Ghanoush: Yes! There was a place in Long Beach that had this on an appetizer platter that I loved J
  5. Bagel and Lox: This was one of my favorite breakfast treats until once I got some stuck in my throat and threw up, then not so much.
  6. Baklava: Yep yep!
  7. Barbecue Ribs: Um seriously? Of course! I am pretty sure my dad would BBQ every day if he could. He makes some with this blackberry sauce, AMAZING.
  8. Bellini: I am just going to throw it out there, if it involves sparkling wine, I’ve most likely tried it. So that’s a yes.
  9. Bird’s Nest Soup: No. And no plans to.
  10. Biscuits and Gravy: Yep, not in years though. They have it at the cafeteria at work, but it holds no appeal now.
  11. Black Pudding: No.
  12. Black Truffle: I’ve had a dish with black truffle oil, does that count?
  13. Borscht: Nope.
  14. Calamari: YEP! Funny story, we stayed in a fancy hotel on our wedding night and we were SO HUNGRY and we ordered calamari from the Greek-style restaurant in the hotel as room service. Totally random but totally delish.
  15. Carp: I don’t think so…
  16. Caviar: See above.
  17. Cheese Fondue: YES. I could eat it every day if I could!
  18. Chicken and Waffles: Yep! Again, a place in Long Beach (did I mention that I went to college there?) was really well known for them.
  19. Chicken Tikka Masala: Never from a restaurant but I’ve had the Trader Joes frozen kind.
  20. Chile Relleno: Si!
  21. Chitlins: No, and NO plans to.
  22. Churros: So good.
  23. Clam Chowder: When we went to New England for the first time I made it my personal mission to try clam chowder at every restaurant we went to. So healthy of me.
  24. Cognac: I’ve tried it, not a fan.
  25. Crab Cakes: One of my favorite meals!
  26. Crickets: Ew, no. I am not adventurous when it comes to this kind of stuff. Not going to happen.
  27. Currywurst: No, but I would.  
  28. Dandelion Wine: No, but I like me some wine!
  29. Dulce De Leche: Yep.
  30. Durian: Nope
  31. Eel: Love it on sushi!
  32. Eggs Benedict: One of my all-time favorite breakfasts.
  33. Fish Tacos: Yes!
  34. Foie Gras: No.
  35. Fresh Spring Rolls: Love ‘em!
  36. Fried Catfish: No…
  37. Fried Green Tomatoes: I’ve seen the movie, does that count?
  38. Fried Plantain: I think I’ve had this in some kind of sweet dish, I can’t be sure though
  39. Frito Pie: I had NO idea what this was until a few weeks ago when I was at a business communications work luncheon and didn’t want the Fritos with my lunch (hate them) and someone started talking to me about it. No intention of every trying it either. For those of you who don’t know, it’s when you take a bag of fritos, cut it open along the side, add chili and top with nacho cheese. I am pretty sure this represents everything wrong with America.
  40. Frogs’ Legs: No, and this is one dish I seriously don’t understand.
  41. Fugu: Nope! I try to avoid foods that could kill me (see #39 haha)
  42. Funnel Cake: Is it possible to go to Magic Mountain and NOT get one?
  43. Gazpacho: No, cold soups weird me out…
  44. Goat: Not the meat, but a lot of the milk!
  45. Goat’s Milk: Oh, right, see above haha
  46. Goulash: No, but it sounds good!
  47. Gumbo: yep!
  48. Haggis: No thank you.
  49. Head Cheese: Again, no thank you.
  50. Heirloom Tomatoes: One of my farmer’s market favorites!!
  51. Honeycomb: Yes
  52. Hostess Fruit Pie: Gosh I hope not.
  53. Huevos Rancheros: LOVE them. I had them from this place in Nevada City once and none will ever measure up to that perfection.
  54. Jerk Chicken: yes
  55. Kangaroo: no.
  56. Key Lime Pie: Yes
  57. Kobe Beef: I just had this for the first time ever, my husband got some ground on sale and grilled it up into burgers. I couldn’t really tell the difference…
  58. Lassi: No
  59. Lobster: Yes
  60. Mimosa: Again, sparkling wine is always a win in my book.
  61. MoonPie: Yes.
  62. Morel Mushrooms: No, but one was growing in my yard once. I didn’t feel the need to risk it though.
  63. Nettle Tea: No and after a nasty run in with some stinging nettle in my parent’s back yard, I have no interest.
  64. Octopus: Yes. Too chewy.
  65. Oxtail Soup: no
  66. Paella: LOVE it! I watched the Barefoot Contessa make it once and she pronounced it “pie-EL-LA” made me crazy every time.
  67. Paneer: No
  68. Pastrami on Rye: Yes, not a huge pastrami fan though. Sorry Crown Burger.
  69. Pavlova: Love the dish, love the dancer.
  70. Phaal: No
  71. Philly Cheese Steak: yes but never from Philly itself.
  72. Pho: One of my favorite foods ever. Just meat though, none of the gross stuff.
  73. Pineapple and Cottage Cheese: Yes, but I am not a cottage cheese fan. Sorry if you can’t ever talk to me again Janae.
  74. Pistachio Ice Cream: One of my favorites!
  75. Po’ Boy: No but I always think of 30 Rock “I’d like the carp po boy with extra chuckle”
  76. Pocky: No
  77. Polenta: My husband really likes it, it’s fun to try different ways!
  78. Prickly Pear: no
  79. Rabbit Stew: no but I IMMEDIATELY thought of Katniss in the arena.
  80. Raw Oysters: yep!
  81. Root Beer Float: Yep! I am actually not a huge root beer fan, but throw ice cream in there, and I am SOLD!
  82. S’mores: Is it possible to sit around a fire without them?
  83. Sauerkraut: yep! My dad has even made it at home before.
  84. Sea Urchin: no
  85. Shark: no
  86. Snail: Sadly yes, I had some at some French fair in Santa Barbara. My friend’s mom was trying to get me to try new things, and said she would buy me a crepe if I tried escargot. I think I am still chewing on it… shudder…
  87. Snake: No thank you!
  88. Soft Shell Crab: yes
  89. Som Tam: no, sounds good though!
  90. Spaetzle: One of my all-time favorite foods that I hardly ever eat.
  91. Spam: unfortunately, yes.
  92. Squirrel: no
  93. Steak Tartare: no, it scares me
  94. Sweet Potato Fries: Heck yes!
  95. Sweetbreads: yum!
  96. Tom Yum: yep!
  97. Umeboshi: no idea what that is
  98. Venison: yes, I’ve had elk and bison too
  99. Wasabi Peas: I have a huge thing in my office of them! I only had them for the first time about a month ago though.
  100. Zucchini Flowers: Yep!

10 thoughts on “100 Foods

  1. Neat, that is a pretty cool list. I am surprised at how much is on that list that I have no clue what it is! I must save this list and check into some of the things on here. Of course some of the items that most people would probably say never ever (i.e. alligator, frog legs, po boy, etc) I have eaten before in my life…..I am from Louisiana, close to New Orleans after all…..lol!!

    • That’s so funny!! I seriously had never heard of it until like a week ago! It’s big in Utah too, my friend was telling me about going to football games and getting them. Then again you can put snickers with apples and whip cream and still call it a salad here… So I am not surprised 😉

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