Trying to Find a Routine

Morning friends! Remember me? I used to be a blogger here. Sorry I’ve been so flaky lately. I’ve been having quite the last few weeks. I love my pup so much, but goodness she needs a lot of attention! I’ve also been so crazy at work, I just haven’t been able to think in complete sentences, let alone write them!

Now that Aurora has had enough vaccines to go out and about without fear of getting sick, we can go on walks, go to the dog park (we live a few blocks from one) and take her places with us. This means she has more outlets for her energy other than trying to chew a hole in the wall (she’s done it) or dig in the backyard.

So we have been trying to get our little family in more of a routine. I know that it can be good for her to have some stability, especially since she seems to have some separation issues, so we have been trying a few new things like morning walks (my job), evening walks (my husband and me if I am around), and I’ve tweaked my work schedule so I can spend a little more time with her each day.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I don’t work full time, so my hours are flexible as long as I am attending meetings and meeting my deadlines, which is great for having a pup!

OK, so get ready for some ramblings, because I’ve just missed you all so much!

I am SO excited because I am going to start helping out at the dance studio where I am taking class. I worked as a receptionist at a dance studio through high school, so I asked if they might be willing to trade some hours of work for classes. And they did! I am basically working a few hours before the classes I want to take. So fun! I am just so happy to be back dancing. And seriously motivating. Nothing is more motivating that getting into a leotard.

Funny story about class last week, we had a guest teacher, which was super fun, but he was trying to get me to use my core more and basically flex my lower abs more. He kept poking me and I was like, I CAN’T FLEX ANYMORE! Haha, awesome.

Speaking of flexing… I am participating in the Arms and Abs challenge that Aly posted on her blog, I need it!

I am also getting my bum running more, but I am easing back into it. I really needed a break after my half, more mentally than physically. I was talking to my husband about it, and I explained it as taking a break so that I can still enjoy running. Running is something I enjoy and I don’t want to get to the point that I dread heading out. Something that was starting to happen while training. Running has been great for so many reasons, I want to enjoy lacing up my shoes and getting out there.

To do so I am focusing on things I want to achieve through running, not things I feel like I NEED to, if that makes sense. Honestly, long distances sound just horrid right now, but speedwork sounds awesome, and I want to be faster (I will do a post on this soon).

So what has been up with all of you?! (Sidenote: my photo uploader isn’t working… I had some cut puppy pics for you too…)

6 thoughts on “Trying to Find a Routine

  1. Thanks for the link up! super excited about it 🙂 I actually got it from another blog, domestic diva 🙂

    I am super stoked about you jumping on board!!!! and I remember a time when I couldn’t flex my abs anymore either

  2. Routines are good for doggies. Geronimo didn’t have much of a routine when we first adopted him. My husband and I were seniors in college at the time, but after we graduated and got “real” jobs, the routine went full swing. It worked wonders for Gmo (and us, too)!*

    • I know!!! The other day I was having issues with my photo uploader. If you want a ridiculous amount of pics you should follow me on instagram (@readsrecipesruns), I post far too many of her haha.

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