An Interesting Weekend

Hi friends! Happy Monday 🙂 I hope that you had a fantabulous weekend. The weather is GORGEOUS here today, when I let Aurora out at lunch, all she wanted to do is sprawl out in the sun, and I wanted to join her. Too bad I had to go back to work and having grass and dirt on your clothes doesn’t count as business attire. Lame.

So this Saturday we were having tons of fun with our little lady. So far I’ve taught her to sit and shake. Yeah, she’s a puppy prodigy, NBD. I will try to video tape it soon and post it. Anyways, we did our usual Saturday fun, playing, napping, eating, repeating. It was so fun. Then at about 10 p.m. we were getting ready to wind down and go to bed, and the little lady starts coughing and gagging.

A lot. She threw up and there wasn’t anything in it that would have been causing this (gross, seriously) and she just kept gagging and coughing. So we packed her up and drove to the pet ER. She clearly wasn’t working out whatever it was, and I didn’t want to risk a wait-and-see technique, if she couldn’t swallow it, I doubt it could have gone anywhere else.

We got to the vet, they took her into a back room to do the initial exam (I could hear her from the exam room, it was heart breaking and I started crying). While she was in there with them, they said she was doing fine. They weighed her, clipped her nails (it sounded like baby girl was putting up a FIGHT) and then brought her to us in the exam room while we waited for the vet. She just kept gagging, panting, and coughing.

While she was on my husband’s lap, she had a really bad fit, and he looked in her mouth, and was able to grab hold of it! (We had tried this at home, and couldn’t see anything.) She had picked up some fabric/lint/hair ball thing from under the couch. Gross. Ironically I had JUST vacuumed, but clearly that didn’t help.

Then the vet came in, we showed her what it was, and she told us everything looked fine. She babbled on about kennel cough if Aurora kept coughing like that because her trachea was irritated, but I know it was all from the hairball, considering she never coughed before and hasn’t coughed since, and is acting totally fine. We went home, got a good night’s sleep, and everyone was fine! Most expensive nail trim EVER haha.

So I had mentioned in a response to a comment that Ali left, and I thought I would share this random tidbit about me: I used to be a book editor. Best part, the majority of the books I edited were about dog breeds and dog training. JEALOUS? I know you are. We also did cat books, horses, donkeys, goats, farming, etc. Ah, the glamorous life in the publishing biz.

Funnily enough, one of the last projects I finished (before I moved to Utah, which I just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of) was a book about Boston terriers. I also did a puppy training and house training book, and it’s crazy how much of the random things I’ve read stuck.

Do you have a pet? I was going to ask if you had any stories like this, but I kind of don’t want to know—my anxiety can’t handle it… I’m a worrier, remember?

7 thoughts on “An Interesting Weekend

  1. I have three dogs and two horses. I am pretty much a psycho and worry about every single thing that is wrong. This is not a good sign for my future children. 🙂
    My dogs have never had that exact thing happen, but they have vomitted up saliva. :(-

  2. Poor Aurora!! How scary! Cooper was hacking and dry heaving once and we looked it up online which told us he was DYING of bloat. But the vet also said kennel cough! Glad she is okay!

  3. Elizabeth! Oh, how I’ve missed reading your blog. I purposefully disappeared from blogland for a little while, but I’m back and SO excited to read about your new puppy! My dogs are my babies and an even like this would’ve scared me to death. We definitely had to have Cody’s stomach pumped once the week we got him… Glad sweet Aurora is okay!

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