So You Ran a Half Marathon…

Morning friends! I hope you are doing great! Our puppy was content in her crate from 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. winning!! She is SO good. She was up for about an hour, and about 3 minutes ago she just curled up on her bed and went to sleep. I can’t believe how good she is at such a young age. I promise that this isn’t going to turn into a LOOK AT MY NEW PUPPY blog, but she is already a huge part of our lives, and I can’t wait to share her antics with you 🙂

As you know, for months all of my health and fitness decisions have been focused on one thing: my half marathon. But since completing my goal, I’m feeling a little lost, what to do next?! A part of me is looking forward to not feeling like I have to run, but I also don’t want to lose what I’ve worked so hard for.

I really think that my training tipping point, so to speak, was breaking past that 5-mile mark. I feel like it took me SO LONG to get to the point that I could run 5 miles, but once I got there, it was easier and easier to tack on the miles. (Note: I’m not saying that anything was EASY about the process, it’s all relative.) So, falling back below that 5 mile mark is not going to happen. I want to run at least twice a week to not lose what I’ve worked so hard for, and have at least one of the runs be at least 5 miles.

As for other races in my future, I’m not sure. I am doing a 5 or 10K with friends on St. Patrick’s Day, and I was considering doing the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in April, but I read yesterday, that that race might not happen. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of this over the past two weeks, and then something dawned on me.

I have run at least one race each month, since October.

October: Beat the Heat 5K

November: Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (5K)

December: Jingle Bell 5K and the New Year’s Revolution Run (10K)

January: Tinker Bell Half Marathon 

February: Sweetheart 5K 

And I already have a 5 or 10K in my sights for next month, and there are races all over the place throughout the summer, so I am kind of thinking about seeing if I can do a race every month for a year! The hardest part would be finding races throughout the winter, which I’ve already taken care of, so this is totally doable!

I also really, really want to start dancing again. I’ve found a few studios nearby and I also found a new bar method studio that I thought would be fun to try.

Have any of you felt that way after reaching a goal? Just kind of lost afterwards? 

5 thoughts on “So You Ran a Half Marathon…

  1. Yes, I feel that way after almost every race that I race for (sometimes I am relieved that the training is over). But, after about two weeks after the race ends I debate what workouts to do and when. I love the structure that training and racing brings. I really like your idea of a race a month. Good Luck!

  2. I feel like that all the time….and not to scare you but I just read that you should not take more than one day off from running when in maintenance mode. – so I’d make them easier runs and do them every other day 🙂


  3. A race each month sounds like a fun goal! I usually take at least a week off between big races. Training can be so time consuming and draining that it’s nice to step back once in a while.*

  4. I am OK with the puppy blog 🙂 … I have never been a runner so I need the plan to keep me into some sort of schedule … I am trying to grow out of that and be more disciplined without necessarily training … but for me this is not easy!

  5. I always miss the training after the race – I think it’s the best part of the whole experience. After the race I don’t know what to do with myself! So.. I sign up for another one 😉

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