Tinker Bell Half Marathon Recap

It’s HERE!! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

I didn’t sleep all that great the night before the race, and my alarm went off at 3:30 in the morning. After being crazy sick one night, waking up at 3 before my flight to California, and then this, I was wiped out. I didn’t drink my usual coffee because I was scared my stomach might still have been sensitive, so I had a Honey Stinger gel with caffeine before the run, and another during.

We drove to Anaheim, parked and made our way to the start line. It was so fun so see so many people in one place with one goal in mind. I think that I heard that there were more than 11,000 people, and something like only 900 of them were men. It was so fun. Here we are at the start line, in our corral “C” of “E” which ended up being a great place to be.

About 15 minutes after the official start, we crossed the start line! There were so many people, it was CRAZY. My main goal at that point was to not trip over someone and wait for the pack to thin out. HA. That never happened.

It was so cool to run through Disneyland, we even got to go through backstage! At that point in the race, I was seriously overwhelmed by thinking “11 miles to go” and similar thoughts, so I told myself, “just run two miles, and then you can either take a walk break or run some more.”

After the first half of the race, I was going pretty strong, I drank water at every water station and broke up my fuel to about miles 3, 6, (for those two, I only had half of a gel) and 9.

After about 7 miles, my legs were hurting, but I kept a fairly consistent pace. At mile 8 ish my stomach was really upset, and I had to take an extra walking bit, but after a porta-poty stop, I was fine.

The last part of the race was pretty much a blur, I pretty much focused on keeping a steady pace, focusing on the ground about three feet in front of me, and really “buckled down” so to speak. I picked up a sort of mantra during my training when things felt rough, and I would repeat to myself “fit, fast, strong” I am really none of those things, but it works.

After the finish, my legs just hurt, especially my ankles and feet. A large portion of the race was on concrete roads, which I think just literally pounded me, but I did it! My friend Erin (PS have I mentioned what an awesome artist she is? No? Well she is!), was such a great support, we talked, enjoyed people watching, and it was just great.

My favorite part about the race was how well organized it was, and how much entertainment there was along the course. There were characters, music, all kinds of things!

(Best race pic EVER)

I think that my biggest annoyance of the race was the amount of runners and their lack of runner etiquette. I expected it for the first part of the race, but I definitely thought it would thin out, which it didn’t. Everybody was cutting everybody off, people were stopping to walk in the middle of the course, I am sure people got hurt because of it. After about 10 miles, I was ready to mow down anyone in my way. Very few people would say “on your left” or whatnot as they passed you, and they had no issue pushing through groups of people. It was kind of odd to me, and really got on my nerves.

But we finished, and it was amazing!

I have to restrain myself from wearing my medal all day, every day…

Oh, on a totally pre-race note, I was not impressed by the expo at all! It was very underwhelming. I was expecting so much more, but maybe I had too-high expectations? I did buy us sparkly pink sweaty bands for us to wear on race day, but I was really expecting a lot more exhibitors.


13 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Half Marathon Recap

  1. OH YAY!!!!!!!! 🙂 I got your tweet yesterday but my phone was screwing up with the internet so couldn’t check it…then obviously I forgot 😦

    but that sounds like a great race (other than the lack of runner etiquette, which I don’t think is uncommon) people never know what they’re doing.

    Great job and if I had that medal Id wear it all day everyday too! YAY 13.1!!!!

  2. How fun to do this with Erin! You guys looks so cute in all your pics! I always look like a sweaty mess after racing, you look gorgeous! Great job on the half! I’m so thrilled for you! (I wish I were there… running in Dland is pretty darn cool, even if the expo was a little lame sauce.)

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