Just Randomness

I feel like 90% of my posts on Mondays are well… Monday posts. I mean, it is Monday after all, I’m alive and writing, what more do you want from me? An organized post with meaning you say? Then I suggest you return tomorrow 😉

Today started off well interesting. Let me back up a little. Our landlords are having the bedroom walls redone this week and next (if it goes longer than that, I will finish it myself, thankyouverymuch) so yesterday we had to remove everything from the bedrooms, closets included. We decided to put our bed up against the wall in attempts to save space, and are sleeping on the air mattress and couch (couch because my husband is sick and I can’t get sick 2 weeks before my half marathon, sorry buddy). Turns out air mattresses are COLD. I had a really hard time falling asleep and kept waking up super cold. I eventually cocooned myself in the 3 blankets I had and managed a few hours. Ugh.

So this morning it was snowing, and I drove my husband out to work (he works about 30 minutes away) but because of the glorious snow, it took twice as long. Then I had to drive back by myself. Here’s the thing. The snow plows hadn’t gone through our neighborhood yet. I live on a hill. It was bad. I thought I was going to start sliding backwards down the hill. By the time I got home I was shaking and almost crying. I realize I am a California girl, but most people I’ve talked to have also complained about the lack of plowing this morning (TWSS).

I decided to work from home until the plows came by, which didn’t happen until 11:30. How the heck does that happen?! I’m lucky I have access to my work email at home and could do some research for some new projects from the comfort of my couch.

I am super excited because I am hoping I will have time to make it to the FREE yoga class at Salt Lake Running Co. tonight. I need it my friends, I am still feeling a little tight after my 9.5 miles (and awesome fall) on Saturday, and I am more than happy to swap my cross training and run day to accommodate this class. Oh and did I mention, FREE? Nice. I’d post a pic of my bruise for you, but it’s really not even that impressive.

Another highlight of my day was my awesome lunch. In this month’s issue of Shape Magazine, I saw their egg salad sandwich recipe and instantly had to try it. Instead of the pita pocket, I used gluten free bread, and it was deeeeelish! I think next time (aka tomorrow) I am going to add more mustard. I love mustard!

What’s on your mind today? What’s your favorite type of sandwich? There is this place near my parent’s house that has amazing focaccia bread and to-die-for honey mustard. I get this veggie sandwich from there, GUH, I am hungry just thinking about it! I will have to go there while I am visiting after my half marathon.


10 thoughts on “Just Randomness

  1. Yikes! The snow sitch sounds scary. I’m glad you were able to stay home where it is safe.

    My fave sandwich is a cheese and veggie sub from a place called Great Outdoors. I actually ate it yesterday. So good!*

  2. I would have been super freaked out, also. I really dislike driving on unplowed, snow covered streets. That sandwich does look absolutely amazing and the one you described as your fave also sounds mouthwatering. I love mustard, also… It totally makes sandwiches. I really love the turkey and cranberry panini (cold) from Zupas in Provo. If you’re ever around a Zupas you should totally try it! It has really good mustard on it.

    Have fun at your FREE yoga tonight! I’m totally jealous! 🙂

  3. That sounds so scary! and your sandwich makes me drool…..I hate driving in the snow. I find it best to go to an empty parking lot and try doing some donuts and such to get used to your car. I once did a complete 360 on a 4 lane highway….I almost died!!! thankfully everything just worked out and I hit nothing….a miracle~~

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