The One About Pacing and Fueling

Hiya! How to judge if you favorite blogger (me, duh) has a life: whether or not they blog on Saturday nights. Clearly you know where I stand.

I started my day off with 9.5 miles. NINE AND A HALF PEOPLE. That’s nuts. It was pretty steady, I and I only wanted to die for a little while, mainly when I stopped running. Seriously, what’s with that? One thing that did happen, I totally biffed it. Like, one second I was walking, the next I was on the ground swearing. I didn’t really get hurt, no blood, but I have some good bruises and scrapes. Win. New half marathon goal, don’t fall on your face. Surprisingly it was just because of some uneven sidewalk, not because of this:

(Seriously, no one will salt that sucker?)

Speaking of swearing, shortly after my spill (after I stopped crying, I seriously couldn’t stop) I was going through the intersection and may have made an inappropriate gesture to a gentleman in a Fiat. The light was green, the walking man said walk, he was turning left, and MADE EYE CONTACT with me, sped up, and almost hit me. I get that I need to be defensive and take care of myself not to get hit, but when I have the right of way by every sense, don’t mess with me.

OK, moving on. I wanted to talk about fueling and pacing, but I’m noticing that they tend to be fairly connected, without the proper fuel, your pacing can be messed up.

I think I am getting a lot better at going out at a comfortable pace, something I know I can maintain, and pushing myself not to walk as much. I would LOVE to work more on negative splits, but right now I just have it in me to finish. I think that the key is to use your perceived level of intensity as your own judge, not your actual pace.

As for fueling, I think that that helped me pace better because I spread out my calories more. I had a larabar and coffee before I left the house, which did NOT last long, but it was the first time in a while, I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up the first few miles. The problem, I got hungry by mile five. Luckily I had 3 shot bloks with me, which helped a lot. I took one at mile 3, 5, and 7.5. I really think it helped because I wasn’t having any stomach issues, and I could maintain my pace with the fuel I was taking in.

How do you pace yourself on your runs? Do you take in calories while you run? Shot bloks and water seem to be working for me, so I am going to keep it going 🙂 


8 thoughts on “The One About Pacing and Fueling

  1. I’m glad that your fall didn’t hurt! I am way paranoid about falling when I run. I won’t even step in puddles because I think they will somehow trip me. (I’m just realizing how crazy that sounds.) And good for you for flipping the bird (I assume) at the Fiat driver. Bad on his part!

    I do take in calories when I run. I can’t chew and run, so I stick to gu. I usually down it every 45-60 minutes. I tried peanutbutter flavored gu today, and it was pretty good.

    Congrats on running so far! You’re getting close to half marathon distance!!!*

    • Hey, you never know what’s at the bottom of a puddle, I get it! And yes I did flip him one 🙂

      I can’t chew and run either, I have to take a walk break, but I prefer them so much more than gu, I am OK with it.

  2. omg…I am 1. so proud of you for completing this run and 2. want to give you a virtual hug for bailing 😦 that sucks. I have only done one run on the ice and snow this year and it was SCARY! I couldn’t even run fast b/c I was so afraid I was going to fall.

    Also that guy that almost ran you over sucks and needs to be take in 😛

    oh and I just ran my first run over 7 miles last sunday and I’ll be doing 10 miles tomorrow. I eat a nice breakfast and use gatorade or GU’s 🙂

  3. Dude, I’m so mad at that punk in the Fiat for you! One of my favorite college teammates smacked a car with her SPIKES after he almost plowed into us! Hilarious. If I’d been there and had a pair of spikes in my hand, I would have done him a good one for you! 🙂

    Sorry about the fall, but great job knocking out 9.5!!! Amazing!!!

  4. I biffed it today really hard in the middle of an intersection, in front of a bus full of people.. and I was just walking. Falling is the worst. And crying ensued. I’m a toddler, apparently. Glad you’re ok though!! YOu’re not alone!

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