Ice Bath Update

Hi! I hope you had an amazing Monday! Well, as amazing as a Monday can be, right? I took a rest day today, because, let’s face it. I ran 8 miles yesterday. I tweaked my schedule a bit so that I could rest today, but still do my long run on Saturday of this week. I need my Sunday downtime to recover before my week begins. I kind of feel like since I worked out both days this weekend, I didn’t really “rest” or get my downtime/me time. This week might get interesting.

Something I forgot to tell you about my 8 miles yesterday, I twisted my ankle on mile 1!! Before I continue I have to explain something about myself. My ankles are quite resilient. I remember multiple times when I fell in my point shoes and my teacher thought I broke my ankle, and I wasn’t phased at all. When I was little, I used to walk on the outside of my feet (I get that I am a weirdo, and I am OK with it). It’s like they are partially made of rubber. Seriously.

Well, ridiculously long story short(er) I rolled my ankle hard core on my run on a piece of ice (or I fell on something invisible, not unlike me at all…) but after a few steps, I felt OK, so I finished my 8 miles. I didn’t even remember it, until last night I stepped funny, and OUCH! There is definitely some discomfort there, especially on the inside, but it seems that as long as there is no twisting action I am OK. Hopefully this continues 🙂 This was actually the number one reason I was scared to run in the winter, it had very little to do with the actual cold.

So I wanted to give you an update on my ice bath, well snow bath. Verdict says, AMAZING! It was horrible to get in there, but after the first few minutes. I didn’t want to die. But I am surprised by how much better my legs feel today than they usually do after a long run. This is definitely something that I will continue to do after my long runs, but in the future, I am going to make sure to have more water and ice to totally submerge my hips, I think I would have gotten a lot more out of it that way.

OK, so I know this isn’t a beauty blog, but I am conducting an experiment, and I feel like this post is short, so here you go. I showered this evening, and I pinned back my hair to hopefully dry to add some extra volume when I brush it out in the morning…. or I will (once again) wear my hair back to work. To be continued haha.

Do you wear your hair up or down most often? Usually up, but since I got it cut, it’s been easier to wear it down. 

4 thoughts on “Ice Bath Update

  1. I wish I had resilient ankles… that’s amazing that you were able to keep going. I probably would have been down for the count after that.

    Ice baths are awesome! But a little tough to get used to… actually, I don’t think you ever really get “used” to them, but it does get slightly less painful the more you do them. I used to get in our ice tub for like 15 minutes everyday after practice in college… the winter was the hardest, because my body would stay frozen for a long time afterwards… Cec and I used to go home and stick our toes in hot water in the sink for like 30 minutes while we did homework or talked or whatever… good times. Haha. 🙂

    Can’t wait to find out the results of the hair experiment! My favorite way to wear my hair is down and straightened… but with working out as often as I do, it’s usually up in a pony tail or bun… sometimes with a braid or a twist.

  2. Nice work on the ice bath! Whoo hoo!

    My hair is half and half. I wash it every other day, on the clean days, I curl or straighten it and wear it down…on the dirty days it’s up. Today is a dirty day! Ha!

  3. I have the same ankle thing.. probably from dance?! I recently fell down the stairs and landed on the outside of my ankle and thought I would have bruising and swelling there. The physio ended up saying that my ligaments on the outside are so stretched out, that I’m kind of incapable of spraining them anymore. I ended up with a compression injury on the inside of that ankle instead. Weird, eh? Sounds like you’re in a similar boat! Kind of nice to not worry about twisting them though!

    And my hair, well, it’s short and I think in a perfect world I would curl it with a straightening iron on day one of the wash and then let that last through till the next one. But… I don’t actually put in that much effort always. Good luck!

    • Oh my goodness that makes total sense!! I landed on the outside of my ankle but it was the inside that hurt! That has to be it. Thanks for the rubber ankles dance! I think if you fall once in pointe shoes and survive, you can deal with almost any fall 🙂

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