Holiday Fun Runs

Hi friends! I hope everything is going great and you enjoyed your looooong weekend. I sure did! I could get used to it. I still have some company, but it’s definitely a lot less stress now that the holidays are over. We had some festive fun, including heading to Temple Square to see the beautiful lights.

I had a fun time with my husband’s family, and I am happy to say, people took to heart when I said I need running things. (Need is a relative word, I know, but sometimes it’s hard to convince the husband I need ANOTHER running top.)

My parents and my parents-in-law got me some cool weather running tops from luluemon athletica (the one from my parent’s is the purple Stride Jacket that has been featured a LOT recently on the blog), including the run: your heart out pullover:

I especially love the little pullovers for your hands. The fabric is a little nicer than the classic luon (at least for cold weather), it’s even cozier, something I didn’t think was possible.

So guess what else I got?

A GARMIN!! It’s the Forerunner 110 with heartrate monitor (I haven’t used that part yet though) I LOVE it! It’s amazing, I no longer need to carry my silly phone that get’s creative sometimes and seriously messes up my routes.

We had a fantastic holiday of food and fun, and I am happy to report that I kept up with ALL my mileage! I have yet to miss a workout since I officially started my half marathon plan, although two were cut short. Last week I did almost 21 (!!!) miles! I didn’t think I would ever do that.


12 thoughts on “Holiday Fun Runs

    • I am LOVING it so far. I heart that it will beep at every mile and give me my pace, and then when I put it on the computer, it gives me my elevation changes (something I really wanted to know) as well as my average pace and my average moving pace! It knows when I stopped and can cut that out for a more accurate time. Amazing.

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