Training Update

Hi friends! I’ve been quite the busy bee, getting ready for my family to arrive, only a few hours to go. The lasagna I made on Sunday is in the oven. I can’t wait!

Last week I did about 16 miles total, my longest run was 3.62 miles, and my longest workout was 6 miles. Fun times.

I attempted to do two of my workouts (the walk/run/walk ones) on the treadmill, and I was bored stilly! I didn’t finish all the walking I was supposed to do, instead I broke it up, and made sure to walk outside more that day.

My verdict on treadmills is NO. I hate them. Unless I have a flatscreen in front of my face playing whatever I feel like, I really don’t see myself ever being OK on the treadmill. And that’s OK with me. I am just going to play this winter by ear, and just do what I can to plan my runs outdoors. Husband: get me this!! (click for source)

All in all, I feel great about my mileage last week, but I am starting to feel apprehensive about the number of miles I have to do. If I think, FIVE miles, I start to feel overwhelmed. But I just keep telling myself to trust the plan, and follow it closely, and I will be ready.

It’s the first day of winter! Do you change up your routine for the various seasons?

6 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. I try to keep my routine the same as much as possible from season to season, but sometimes Mother Nature makes it hard. Like you, I am anti-treadmill. Last year, we got some major snow and ice. I spent all that time on the treadmill b/c there was NO way that I was attempting to run outside. (I couldn’t walk or drive or stand outside because the ice was so bad.) I’m crossing my fingers that we won’t get that weather again this year.*

  2. Haha… I want my hubs to get me one of those, too!!! Let me know if you figure out a good method of persuasion. 🙂

    I live in California, so it’s not too crazy of a change between seasons, but sometimes I wimp out and do the treadmill even for rain. I hate the rat’s-nest that my hair becomes if I run in the rain. And while I was going to school in Utah, I would do a few miles on the indoor track and a few miles on the outdoor… whatever I could do to keep myself sane through the occasional blizzards! (Okay, maybe they weren’t “blizzards.”)

    Good luck with all the family! I bet it will be a blast… just smile and roll with the crazy stuff. 🙂

    • I think you should use the baby card on this one. “Oh husband it will be so much safer for me to be on a treadmill like this instead of on the roads” “Once the baby is here, this way I can run while she’s sleeping” 🙂

      I was just thinking the other day about breaking it up. There’s a track at my gym, I could do some on there, some on the treadmill, and some outside to keep my sanity!

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