Happy Monday friends! I hope that you had a great weekend J On Saturday I went for a run with my new friend Stephanie (who I met through Daily Mile, and is also training for a half marathon). It was so fun! I was a little apprehensive about running with people, but it turned out to be fantastic. I stopped less, we had a great pace, and I wasn’t bored at all because we were chatting the whole time! (OK so maybe they were chatting and I was huffing and puffing and interjecting things like “UGH” and “LKDSFLKJE”) Definitely something I am looking forward to continuing.

Yesterday I got SO MUCH DONE, but I still have so much left to do. My in-laws are coming here for the holiday and they arrive on Wednesday night, so we have some prepping to do. We have an itty bitty house, so it should be interesting to have a total of six people and ONE bathroom. I just feel bad for whoever is stuck sleeping in the mudroom. Does it make me a horrible person that I am not offering to give up my bedroom? I don’t care, it’s for my sanity.

So, after traveling all over the Salt Lake Valley and calling what felt like 50 people, I finally got our tree! (The tree was the least of my issues, it was finding someone who wasn’t sold out of tree stands.) Then we decorated it while watching the Nutcracker. I love it!

Yesterday we cleaned, laundered, cleaned some more, moved furniture to make room for the air mattresses… and then I went shopping and did a bunch of cooking. I did manage to make some yummy food, including lots of salads and stuffed peppers (filling: ground turkey, black beans, and taco seasoning topped with cheese. Preroast the peppers for about 10 min at 450 before adding the filling).

In addition, I prepped two lasagnas to have ready for the week, I made a few pounds of dried beans in the slow cooker, and got all the ingredients for me and my husband’s coworkers gifts. MADNESS. But I am glad I did it, because I am feeling a lot less stressed about the upcoming week.

A part of me feels like it’s not really the holidays yet, maybe it’s because this is my first holiday season that I won’t be spending with my family, or maybe it’s because mentally I still feel like it is September. Also, if my first Christmas in Utah isn’t a white one, I am going to throw a fit. Full on tantrum like a child fit.

I haven’t told my family about the blog yet, so while everyone is here, if I become unordinarily quite, that’s why. I will be sure to post a pic of the lasagna I made though, it looks amazing.


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    • I wish you were too! That would be ridiculous amounts of fun.

      Thanks I am going to need all the luck I can get in the next week haha. I am seriously thinking about coming to work and showering here. No one will be here anyways!

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed running with other people! I just got into it myself, and I can’t say enough good things about it!

    Good luck hosting your family this Christmas. (I’d keep my bed if was you, too!)*

  2. I’m from the south and have never had a white Christmas… but is it actually possible it won’t snow in Utah? I kinda just imagine the place like this frigid tundra wasteland (but with mountains). I get cold thinking about it.

    • Haha it’s not like that at all (unless you drive the 15 in the middle of winter, the middle of the state is a little dull haha)!! Ok maybe a little right now. But we have super warm summers. Lush springs, and fall was magical! Everyone is talking that the snow has been late this year. We got a few, but it’s melted in the valley.

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