Review: Kathy Reichs Virals Series

Hi there! I hope that you are all having a good day. Thanks for your tips/encouragement on my last post. I took it easy on my legs yesterday, and we will see how they feel this evening when I do my scheduled 2 miles. Although I just looked outside. It might be another gym day. I am going to leave the phone at home this time 🙂

Earlier today I had a bit of a panic attack about the half marathon. I started second guessing myself, thinking I wasn’t going to be ready, and it’s all my fault because I am not doing enough to get ready. I tried talking myself out of it, but it just got worse and worse, so I emailed my training buddy, Erin, and she talked me down 🙂


A few months ago I attended a book signing for Seizure by Kathy Reichs and it recently dawned on me I never posted a review! If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, then you know how obsessed I am with Kathy Reichs’ other series, the Temperance Brennan Novels (the books on which the TV show Bones is loosely based), so I was so excited when I heard she came out with a young adult series.

In the first book of the series, Virals you are introduced to the main character, Tory Brennan. Temperance’s great niece (her nephew’s daughter he didn’t know about until recently. Tory’s mother just happened to have the same last name as Tempe. Kind of confusing) Tory recently moved in with her dad who works out at a research center on an island. The series takes place in South Carolina.

Tory and her three best friends (whose parents work with her father, and they all live near each other) are somewhat outcasts at the high school they attend, and their social, economical, and physical isolation from the rest of their classmates gives them a strong bond.

One day out at the research facility they are exposed to a virus that changes their DNA, making them even more different than their peers. I am not going to go into it because really, it’s not possible to sum it up without making it sound ridiculous. I’ve tried, but take my word for it isn’t zombies and vampires, and it’s a very scientific twist, which is exactly what you would expect from this author.

In the second novel, Seizure, Tory and her friends have a big problem, find millions of dollars to keep the lab where their parents work going, or they will be split up, forced to deal with their new genetic developments on their own. So they embark on an exciting treasure hunt, filled with treasure maps, underground trails, and being chased by a gunman.

This book is better than the first, it’s an excellent blend of fantasy, science, and mystery. I really wish that we had books like this when I was a “young adult” (although I have zero shame in reading them now).  

An added bonus, much like Dan Brown’s novels, these chapters are really short and make you feel really smart because you can say “Oh yeah, I read 9 chapters last night.” They are clearly made for young adults. Something I thought would be hard for someone like Kathy Reichs who usually writes such fact-based and scientific fiction. She does write them with her son, so I think that there is a good balance for a younger audience.

These would make a great gift for any high school or college age avid readers who enjoy fiction, or for any adult like me who just loves reading YA lit 🙂

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