Overtraining Signs

So yesterday’s workout was a huge and epic fail. I went to the gym to get my walk/run/walk on on the treadmill, and it wasn’t all that bad at first. I was looking forward to it hurting my shins less and being able to control my pace. The first two miles of walking were fine, then I started running. OUCH. So much ouch. I just felt like my legs were so heavy and ugh, it was not great. Then my husband told me that he wasn’t feeling well and would wait for me downstairs, but I still had 2 more miles to do.

As he was walking away, I looked back, tripped, my arm caught on my headphone cord, my iPhone flew off the treadmill, and the back completely shattered. I am so glad I just bought that $34 case when it did NOTHING to protect my phone. I should be happy that I didn’t fall and fly off the treadmill, but I’m not. (Also, one of these days I need to do a post about my weird fear of falling off the treadmill haha.)

It still seems to be working, but I am just so annoyed. At this point I just left, I was too mad. Maybe not the best idea, but I would most likely have lost my temper, not the best thing to do in a crowded gym.

Yesterday I was feeling really odd, super tired, sluggish, and at one point dizzy. I was ravenous for anything containing carbs, and was hungry about every two hours. All symptoms that I am coming down with something (for me anyways) something that just can’t happen right now, and something I know can be a sign of overtraining.

This article from Runner’s World (aka my Bible) has some good info about over training, as well as includes a handy quiz to help you determine your overtraining. I took the test and I am at a 12, and 15 means you may be overtraining, as does this feeling of my legs feeling heavy. Something I’ve been dealing with the past few days. Something to keep an eye on, and use as an excuse to nap more. Sorry boss, I need to take a 3 hour lunch break so that I can go nap.   

I think I know why my legs are so tired, I did a BUNCH of leg work on my weight training day last week. I think I just shot them to heck, and then I tried to continue my running. Smart self.

So, no more lunges, squats or things like in the amount I did them last week. I am going to focus my strength training on my upper body and abs as well as working on things like my shins and my inner and outer thighs, and stretching.

I think the real key here is to listen to your body, and find the balance between pushing yourself past your limit in a good way, and pushing it to the point that you are injured or sick, something I think that all athletes struggle with as some point.

Have you found that balance? What works for you? Runners, do you do leg exercises? Or is it too much? Nonrunners, what exercise is your FAVORITE?

Again, being proactive about training instead of reactive is one of the best things you can do, and remember, I have zero medical qualifications. I may work in a hospital, but I majored in PR 🙂

13 thoughts on “Overtraining Signs

  1. I swear by ice baths, rolling and alieve for leg pain! I had the same shin issues last year and was torked because I was NOT over training…I just needed to take better care of myself outside of my workouts!

  2. I felt the same way this weekend when I went to the gym! It’s SO frustrating to go and try to get your workout in and just feel horrible during it. And I’m so sorry about your iPhone–that really sucks.

  3. Bummer about the phone… I’d be ticked, too! Overtraining is such an easy thing to fall into. It’s really hard to listen and respect the rest your body needs. I woke up sick this morning and it took a lot of convincing from my husband not to go out and run, but he was right… getting a little extra sleep was the best thing I could do for my body.

    And not to scare you, but just to legitimize your fears; falling of the treadmill hurts. I’ve done it… it was like 8 years ago and I still have some ugly scars…

  4. Sounds rough! I’m glad that your phone was the only casualty and that you are okay!

    I don’t do any leg exercises mostly b/c I’m paranoid that my legs will get too tired. I also have a fear of falling off the treadmill, so I always hold on with one hand. It’s not really conducive to running. That’s probably part of the reason that I hate running on the treadmill!*

  5. argh! I am so sorry girl…I think you have to do what you like. I was finding after just running for the last few months my feet and ankle, while all my legs were hurting so then I added biking, yoga and strength into my mix. It’s actually been making me look forward to my runs more so b/c I’m doing so many other things 😀

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  7. I recently had to stop doing lunges bc my iliotibial band started hurting. It would hurt on my longer runs. But since I stopped doing lunges, it stopped hurting. I think it’s hard to balance any kind of strength training with distance running. Something’s gotta give!

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