Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Morning! I woke up to an exciting text from my brother, they were at the hospital having a baby! About an hour later, I got the “it’s a boy!” text. My sister-in-law is pretty much a rock star. I am a little bummed that I won’t get to see him for almost a month (it’s times like these I regret moving away from my family), but I am so excited that this little dude is in the world! Welcome buddy 🙂

So something crazy has happened in Utah. Fall is officially over. Well not “officially” but weather-wise, it’s long gone. Yesterday I was getting ready to head home at 4, and I realized I had 5 miles to do (2 miles walking, 1 mile running, 2 miles walking), and after some quick math, I realized that I would NOT have enough time to complete said workout in the daylight.

So I decided to walk home (1.53 miles), change, and head out of the rest of my workout. (I now bring extra shoes to work for my shins, I am bringing the sporty to business casual.) Too bad when I got home I could NOT find my long running tights. I have multiple pairs, couldn’t find ONE. So I grabbed capris, a tech shirt, my favorite Lululemon Stride Jacket, and a hat. From the waist up, I was nice and toasty.

From the waist down, not so much. I am using Rock Tape on my shin, and of course I bought bright pink, and I was practically matching the tape! My legs felt like lead they were so cold, it was hard to complete my workout. I just kept telling myself it was like icing my shins while running.

Finishing my workout was ROUGH and it didn’t help that my neighborhood is basically one giant hill, and I ran UP. I was having a really hard time physically and mentally I felt so slow and cold, that I was stopping constantly, the only thing that kept me going was that the faster I went, the faster it was done. Maybe that’s why I averaged about a 13 minute mile even with lots of walking. I know that a lot of it was just being uncomfortable and cold, and that was my fault for being unprepared, but I think I am going to at least have to start layering my bottoms, or get my gym membership back so that I at least have an option for when it’s so cold.

I mean, I know I am a California girl, but really, it was in the 20s or less for the entire day. That’s cold people. So cold that this person’s fountain froze! FROZE!

It took me hours to warm up afterwards. I changed into warm sweats, stood in front of the heating vent, and drank hot tea, and I was so cold that if I got up off the couch I could feel where I was sitting because that part of the couch was so much colder than the rest.

One redeeming quality of the night was my amazing dinner.

I needed something warm and yummy fast, so I had one egg + 2 egg whites, ½ cup of black beans, spinach, goat cheese, and enchilada sauce. I am calling them enchilada eggs and they were amazing. Too bad I am out of spinach, otherwise I would make them every night this week. Maybe I still will, but with broccoli.

So friends, is it cold where you are? How cold is too cold for you to venture outside for exercise? Do you like breakfast food? It’s my favorite, breakfast for dinner is a weekly thing around here 🙂


15 thoughts on “Baby, it’s Cold Outside

  1. Eggs and black beans is a deelish combo!

    High five for powering through the cold weather. I find that the cold mostly hampers my motivation, not my performance, but running is mostly mental.*

  2. It’s been so sporadic with the weather- some days there’s frost on the cars in the morning, other days it’s 60 degrees! It’ll be interesting how much snow we get this winter… It’s my first year teaching and I hear snow days are much more fun when you’re a teacher 😛

  3. I want a stride jacket and was wondering if I could run in it. I Think I’m just going to have to go get the one I like tomorrow! Glad I found your blog!

    • DO IT! I love how long it is so it doesn’t ride up while I’m running, and the pockets zip which is amazing. I thought that the hood might annoy me while running, but it doesn’t. I should get paid to be a lululemon pusher… haha.

    • It’s a type of tape used by physical therapists to alleviate inflammation by gently lifting the skin to increase blood flow. When I had shin splints back in the day, they taped it up, and I skyped with my niece who is a kineseology major to help me do it on my own shin.

  4. Breakfast is my absolute favorite!! Oatmeal or omelets…Your eggs look great! I also have found these protein bars called “think thin” The only kind that are actually good are the chunky peanut butter ones- the other flavors are gross- you definitely can tell they are protein bars – 20grams of protein, no sugar, 240 calories- great for when you have no time for breakfast. I run outdoors year round- trained for my first marathon in the winter and I live in upstate NY-close to canada

    • I am a huge fan of those bars! You’re right about the flavors 🙂 I like the brownie one too. You running outdoors all year is so inspiring to me! I am going to try to keep it up for as long as I can.

  5. It is so cold here! I actually cut over a mile off of my run this morning because I was just too cold! I’ve been known to run in sub-zero temps, so I was a little disappointed in myself for wimping out…

    I LOVE breakfast food! Breakfast for dinner is a weekly thing for me too. 🙂 And perhaps lunch today!

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