Shin Splints

Other possible titles for this post:

  • I Want a New Body
  • Listen to Me Whine
  • Shin Splint (because it’s only on one leg)

I also feel like I should warn you that I ate breakfast 2 hours ago and I am already hungry, someone is THREE hours late for our appointment, and my house is falling apart. Hold on to you hats my friends, this is going to be one of those posts.

Setting all other annoyances aside, I have some very unfun news. I officially have shin splints (or like I said, splint, because it’s just my right leg). My favorite store ever, Salt Lake Running Co. has AMAZING resources for runners in the community. Training runs, seminars, injury clinics, and so much more.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to snag an appointment at the injury clinic, a 15 minute consultation with a local sports med doc about anything that might be ailing you as an athlete. I wasn’t going to go, but then after running ONE STINKING MILE, my leg decided to revolt, so I made an appointment.

The doctor took a look and told me that yes, I do have shin splints on my right leg, and that it’s gotten so bad already that my right calf is significantly larger than my left because of the edema. He used an analogy of boiling water, when you get to 212º you’re at boiling (is that the boiling point of water? Clearly I was a liberal arts major in college…). But that doesn’t mean that 205º doesn’t suck, and that I am hovering between the two. There’s obviously something going on, and it’s been going on for a while to cause so much edema, but I only really feel it when it get’s beyond the “boiling point” so to speak.

Just a side note on the swelling, he used his hand to show me the difference in sizes of my legs. He had his pointer finger on my shin, and wrapped his thumb around, and I could clearly see a lot of his thumb on the left. On the right, I couldn’t see his thumb AT ALL. Crazy.

He suggested that I make an appointment at his practice for a full workup and diagnosis and then we can figure out how to treat it, with minimal downtime as possible. I love that he’s a triathlete, and unless he HAS to “just stop running” isn’t in his vocabulary.

Here’s the thing though, I have had this problem before. When I was a senior in high school, I had HORRIBLE shin splints (again, on the inside of my leg) and I was in physical therapy for months. I don’t think I was pain free until after a year, I couldn’t dance, I could hardly walk, it was awful. What I remember from then was supportive shoes, stretching my calves like crazy, and overall cross training and fitness to prevent muscle imbalances.

I feel like I am doing all those things and STILL seeing issues, which just makes me MAD. My official training plan is supposed to start next week, and I just want to kick it’s butt. I am mentally 100% ready to do this, but now my body is giving up on me? Not OK. I already have enough frustrations I am dealing with (not being at the weight I wanted to start training, not feeling physically ready, etc) that I don’t need this to happen.

I know I am being a negative Nelly here, I am just SO MAD. I know that shin splints are often a sign of too much too soon, but I’ve been SO gradual with my increase in mileage, I really don’t know what else I could do.

I am also horrible at taking advice. I know I should go see the doctor and get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later, I know that. But it’s going to cost a lot, and I really don’t know what to do.

OK, I need to stop writing before I start crying.

Have you ever had shin splints? Or any other injury that sidelined you? Ever-wise Janae posted about how she’s learned to stop when it hurts. I have yet to do that, clearly… haha.

12 thoughts on “Shin Splints

  1. YO I feel like 5 other bloggers all have shin splints right now…..I keep referring them to my posts. even if you just read the comments everyone gives awesome advice and I have NO issues now.

    ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE 🙂 it works! STRETCH too! ps I don’t know how to “link” in comments so you’ll have to copy and paste the links sorry 😦

  2. Oooooh, I’m soooo sorry to hear this *hugs*, this really sucks!! Hope your shin will get better very soon, if it makes you feel any better I’m of of running for at least a week as well (right ankle/shin part is aching) it’s kind of strange, when I have trouble with my shins it’s also always the right one that acts up. Take good care of yourself, you’ll come out of this stronger!

  3. Oh poor thing! I am so sorry! I had them terrrrrrible in high school and they really are so painful and miserable! and so hard to get rid of! even with all the stretching and icing. just taking it easy is the best thing, getting new shoes, working on your quad muscles, all the stuff you already know. I’m so sorry!!

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