Healthy Holidays Part 2

Good evening to you!! I hope that you had a lovely day! I am blogging from my phone, so I’m sorry if it looks funky or makes no sense.

So I wrote up an amazing Healthy Holiday Recipe for you today. Then as I was getting ready to post it (at work) my day got crazy busy and I lost track of time. Then it was time to go! So unlike yesterday šŸ˜‰

So my next post in my Healthy Holiday series is all about building the healthiest plate possible. Let’s face it, we all want to indulge, and we totally should, but without overdoing it. A good way to do that, other than prepping mentally, is to strategically build your plate.

For example: ahead of time pick what you absolutely LOVE around the holidays (for me stuffing and mashed potatoes. Hands down. Turkey? Cranberry sauce? What’s that?!) and get a good portion of each (a small scoop perhaps?) and then load up the rest of your plate with veggies, salad, fruit etc.

The key is to eat what you want this way you won’t be grumpy because you feel deprived. You’ll be full and happy you got to much what you really enjoy!

Also remember to stay hydrated. If you choose that a glass of wine is in order, sip it and drink a two glasses of water per glass of wine (or any cocktail).

What dishes will you be enjoying this holiday season? Which are you going to pass on?


4 thoughts on “Healthy Holidays Part 2

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