Longest Day Ever

OK not really, and I realize I am being a bit of a drama queen today, and I told myself DON’T BLOG, because you will just complain and be whiney and no one will ever come back to your blog again because you are lame. Well, apparently, I don’t listen well.

Basically, I am a bit bored at work (not that I don’t have anything to, do and I LOVE my job, I just can’t focus to save my life). I am tired. Not feeling too hot (I had a mini medical procedure yesterday, NBD, but I am not 100%). And just in a MOOD. So I thought I would share what I do when I am a little bored with you.

1. Read blogs. Check. My google reader has been empty for a few hours.
2. Search for more blogs/recipes. Check. I am going to bake something tonight to bring to a work thing tomorrow, and I am thinking this pumpkin bread recipe. I am thinking two loaves and some muffins? Yummy. Although I won’t be eating any…
3. Twitter, Facebook, read the news, read up on sites like Mashable and Ragan (at least the last three are work related).
4. Take a walk. The hospital where I work is at the edge of a neighborhood, so sometimes I take a little walk to clear my mind. Although last time I fell, so maybe not the best idea.
5. Go talk to someone else at work. I mean, why not interrupt someone who is actually productive, and bring them down with me? That’s rude you say and unprofessional? Well I still have three hours of work to go, and I don’t care. Hahaha.
6. Actually be productive. Crazy idea for work, right?
7. Think about the blog. I realized that I flaked and forgot to post a holiday recipe last week, SO because I like you all so much, you get two this week.
8. Take pictures like this to post on said blog:

9. Plan meals/think of recipes. Check out what I had for lunch on Monday. Yummy yummy I’ve got that in my tummy! (Well I did, if I still do I have more serious stomach issues than I originally thought.)

10. Think of what to do with this image.

I was on my run the other day, and I saw that, and it made me think of that episode of The Office when they are running past the speed thing to see who runs the fastest, and Michael runs past as a car goes past and uses it as his time. I couldn’t think of a clever way to leave it on the blog, so here you go.

Alright. It’s time to get my head in the game. My plan for the rest of the day is to organize my desk and finish my self evaluation for my performance review tomorrow.

How is your afternoon going?

8 thoughts on “Longest Day Ever

  1. This post made me smile! I hate when my Google Reader is empty, too. It’s usually the worst on the weekends. (I guess bloggers are out living it up instead of blogging. How annoying!)*

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