No Wheat Update

Hi there! Happy Monday to you J I am not going to lie, not too happy here. I am super nauseas (more on that in a moment, no I am not pregnant) and I feel like I got nothing done this weekend. I was all ready to be super cleaner and get all the dishes done and try to take a chunk out of the ever growing mountain of laundry, but no. The washer overflowed and flooded the basement on the first load, and the garbage disposal isn’t working so we can’t use the sink to its full potential. Fail.

One thing that was fun, we finally got a table and chairs! I found them on KSL (Utah’s Craigslist) and we picked them up on Friday. I went out and got some fabric to make some table cloths for them, and they turned out great! I also finished another project I’ve been working on, I will be sure to post the finished products soon.

A few weeks ago I posted about how I am avoiding wheat throughout the month of November, and since it’s almost halfway through, I thought I would give you an update.

I have been good about not eating wheat, but not great. I did go get a bagel the other day. They are my weakness. I’ve also munched on saltines but that was really only the first few days of the month when I had a stomach bug (or something).

I’ve noticed a change overall, I don’t feel as bloated and gross most of the time. But I have noticed that dairy makes me feel just as bad, if not worse. I also had a glass of red wine last night, and my stomach was not happy after. I honestly thought that I was going to throw up, and I still feel the same way this morning.

Long story short, I am beginning to get mad. I know that it’s getting to the point where I might need to go to the doctor, but I don’t have a good doctor here in Utah (except for my lady doc, I don’t think she can help with this) and I don’t want to waste my time. So, I am going to be a bad blogger, and wait it out. No more wheat, no dairy (again, this was something my doctor told me a few years ago, I just stopped listening), and very limited alcohol. I had white wine a few weeks ago, and didn’t have an issue, so I am willing to give it a go. Then in a few weeks, I am going to try reintroducing them, and see what happens.

In my defense, the only reason I am doing this without going to a doctor, is that I was told no wheat and no dairy a few years ago from another doc, I just didn’t listen. This is an instance where I say, so as I say, not as I do. If you are feeling off in any way visit your doctor. And if you know of a good doctor in the Salt Lake City area, let me know, the last one I went to was horrible.


7 thoughts on “No Wheat Update

  1. Aw, that sounds no fun! Are you keeping a food log of some sort? If you do end up going to a doctor, that will help you be more prepared. Good luck sorting everything out!*

  2. uhg, not fun. did i tell you i had stomach problems for a few years before they figured it out? you might ask for an ultrasound of your abdomen… i ended up having gallstones and had to have my gallbladder removed.. they never guessed it though bc the usual signs are over forty, overweight and post children.. so you might just ask for an utlrasound so they can look at stuff.

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  4. I feel your pain. I went through the same thing in the beginning of the summer except no wheat, no soy, no dairy. cutting cow dairy made the biggest difference. for some reason goat dairy doesn’t bother my stomach at all. have you tried lactaid? it works wonders.

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