New Routine + Setting Goals

A Happy Monday morning to you! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend 🙂 It snowed here on Friday night/Saturday morning, we got about 6 inches where I live. I am loving it! But then again, I stayed inside and relearned how to knit, drank coffee in bed, and made pancakes. Win.

So lately I have been seriously struggling to get to work on time, let alone fit in a workout, shower, do my hair, eat, and get to work on time, but I decided that I would take advantage of the time change to get up earlier. Today when my alarm went off at 5:40, I told myself, ACTUALLY it’s 6:40, so no excuses! It actually worked, I was at the bus stop by 8:00 ready to go! I’ve also made some tweaks to my morning schedule to streamline it all, and it really made a difference.

6:00-6:15 a.m. Get myself out of bed. I am a snoozer, so this is always the hardest part. I usually can’t stomach anything pre-workout, but I usually need some fuel. Before a weights session I take my vitamins and drink some juice or kombucha. Before a run I will take a gel shot or shot bloks instead (usually one with caffeine).
6:15-7:00 Workout. I’ve noticed that putting out my clothes the night before helps a lot and I am hoping that since it’s no longer pitch black at this time, that will help too.

After I workout, I shower, start drying my hair, make coffee, throw together my food for the day (if I haven’t already done that the night before), finish getting ready, hopefully post a blog post (or email it to myself to post at work) and then head to the bus stop by usually 7:50.

I’ve started eating my breakfast at work (1/2 cup oatmeal and 1 scoop Sun Warrior protein) and that helped a lot too! I am hoping that this new routine will stick and I can get back into the morning workout groove. I really do prefer it!

Today I also wanted to talk about setting goals. Something I am not great at actually. I think that I set too lofty goals for myself, then when I don’t reach them, or think I can’t, I give up and get frustrated. I am waaaayyy behind in my weight loss goals right now, and as much as I am beating myself up about it, it’s just not worth it. All I can do is refocus and get going, no point in dwelling on the past.

I also need to kick it into high gear running wise to keep up with my half marathon training. It’s time to start thinking like an athlete morning, noon, and night.

So here is my new plan. I am writing down my long term, monthly, and weekly goals as well as maintaining a daily checklist and food log. I am hoping that this will help me break it down into manageable pieces, and will help maintain my focus. I am also going to set up “rewards” for myself along the way to keep me excited.

And last but not least, I am going to start a separate weight loss page for the blog! I know that some people don’t want to read about it, and others might be more interested, so I think it would be a fun way to share my story 🙂

What about you? Are you good at setting and achieving goals? What do you do when you don’t get the results you were hoping for? Also, how long after you wake up do you eat breakfast? I feel like waiting till 8:30 might be bad, but who knows…

8 thoughts on “New Routine + Setting Goals

  1. this sounds like so much work for goals, but it IS true that when you write them down they stick, and also setting small goals (like how you’re doing weekly one too) make it easier. GOOD LUCK

  2. I’m a visual learner, so writing down (and crossing off!) goals is major for me.

    Slightly unrelated, I really want to learn to knit! I was thinking that I’d make scarves as Christmas gifts for 4 of my coworkers. Too ambitious?*

  3. I’m good at setting goals, but keeping them is another story. It seems that if one little thing doesn’t go right, I chuck the goals altogether. This is bad! It’s a work in progress. Keep posting to keep me motivated. 😉

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