Delish Dinner (easy meals part 4)

Happy Friday!! This week has been so weird, I don’t even know how to sum it up. On one hand, I feel like Halloween (Monday) was weeks ago, and on the other, I feel like it just flew by.

I had a great run this morning, I decided to just set a distance and go, taking breaks when I needed and whatnot, and not pushing myself too much (I am still not feeling 100%). It turned out great! It was great to just kind of listen to my body and see what happened and just run by feel, so to speak.

Welcome to my last installment of my Easy Meals series! Dinner!! Dinner for me is the hardest to break down and go out to get take out. I am tired from the day, maybe I don’t have everything I want, and I can just go grab something. But I am trying hard not to do this too often, so here are some easy meals to either have on hand or throw together to create healthy meals at home.

One thing I try to keep in mind I don’t need an elaborate idea for dinner, nor do I need to follow a recipe, if I keep some good staples in my kitchen and an open mind, I really don’t need to go out for food. When I am throwing together a dinner I think “lean and green” and try to include a high-quality protein and veggies, when in doubt, I throw it in a soup 🙂

2 thoughts on “Delish Dinner (easy meals part 4)

  1. I tend to fall prey to getting takeout for dinner, too. I do best when I have a plan ahead if time. Veggies and quinoa are my fave go to dinner option. Healthy and easy!*

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