Fall Into Fitness Finale + No Wheat November

Happy Halloween lovelies!! I hope that your day is full of treats and fun tricks. Do any of you have any fun plans? I am dressed up for our department costume at work, but other than the fun here, the husband and I are just going to relax at home and pass out some candy!

If you’re feeling apprehensive about over doing it today, DON’T! There’s no need. It’s just one day and even if you do overdo it, one day isn’t a huge deal. It’s healthy to indulge every once in a while. My strategy for today (if my icky stomach will allow, more on that in a minute) is to pick a few indulgences that are totally worth it (I am looking at YOU snickers), take an extra walk later today, and call it good.

So I know that my Fall Into Fitness check ins slowed down as the month progressed, and I am sorry, but they were just getting redundant haha. I fell into a groove, which is good, but not great blog-wise.

Here are a few things I learned:

  • I prefer working out in the morning, but the drop in temperature and the crazy darkness is making it hard.
  • Something is better than nothing, and most of the time if I get myself moving, I feel so much better afterwards.
  • A lot of my overeating is from boredom. I need to get back into some of the hobbies I enjoy to combat that.
  • Running makes me feel like a rock star.
  • Hot tea is a LIFESAVER when it comes to hunger or that feeling that I need to snack when I really don’t.
  • When I feel disorganized in one aspect of my life, I feel it in all. If my house is a mess, my workouts become a mess. It’s interesting.
  • I still need to pull it together in the sleep department. I need to start heading for bed by 9:30 if I want to get back into the morning workouts (I do).

Although the season is over, this is officially the end of my Fall Into Fitness series (until next year!) because I have some fun ideas for the upcoming months.

The last few weeks/months (today especially, I had a Clif Shot gel for breakfast…) my stomach and appetite have been out of sorts. My stomach just doesn’t feel right, and I think that a lot of my extra fatigue and just generally feeling icky stems from my stomach. It’s nothing too crazy but a lot of days I will get bloated or gross, and I am not even eating anything out of the ordinary for me.

So, I’ve decided to let go of wheat for the month of November as a little experiment to see what happens. Now, just a little back story, I was told when I was about 21 by a doctor that I most have a wheat/gluten sensitivity but that I would need further testing. Well I was just about to graduate college, I didn’t have good enough insurance to cover it, and I just wasn’t motivated to get the tests done. Instead I just stopped eating it and really noticed a difference. I am not suggesting that you do anything of the sort like cutting out an entire food group without a doctor’s advisement, actually it’s one of my biggest pet peeves when people cut stuff out because they feel like it or they think it’s healthier. Drives. Me. Nuts. (Don’t even get me started on the lady I met who doesn’t eat ANY grains—rice, wheat, barley—because she doesn’t think they are good for you.)

I don’t know why I chose to ignore him or why I didn’t stick with it (oh yeah, it’s HARD) but with the way I’ve been feeling I figure why not cut it out for a month and see how I feel? I had a similar situation when I was feeling sick and nauseas almost every day in college. I took some time to analyze my diet and realized that I can’t eat yogurt. No idea why, but it makes me feel so ill. Maybe I will notice something similar with wheat or maybe I won’t.

My husband is allergic to wheat, so it won’t affect me too much, I just need to stop buying separate bread for myself and keep an eye on what I am eating when we go out.  

Needless to say, I am ready to stop feeling the way I do, so let’s see if this makes a difference!


11 thoughts on “Fall Into Fitness Finale + No Wheat November

  1. i can’t wait to hear how this turns out for you! i have thought about trying this too. i had sever stomach issues for several years.. until we finally discovered i had gallstones and had to have my gallbladder removed! good luck!! pioneer woman has a gluten free scone recipe up today!

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