Lunchie Munchies (easy meals part 2)

Good morning friends! How is your week going so far? I didn’t sleep great last night, which is suprising because I got a massage after work! My back was KILLING me, so I went to Massage Envy and got an amazing massage. Shocker, my glutes are really tight. NO!? Hahaha. It was definetly nice to work out some of the tightness while just being able to relax, and now I feel more motivated to stretch more, so I don’t waste the money I spent on my massage. Hello pigeon pose!

I LOVED the feedback I got from my Breakfast Love post yesterday, and I got some great ideas for even more easy breakfasts. I think we all know where this post is going, what comes after breakfast? LUNCH!!

Lunch is more of a way for me to make it to dinner. Since I work, it’s not always easy to make something super amazing, so I have a few go to easy lunches. I also try to keep it light, if I eat too much, I am practically asleep at my desk by 1 p.m.

Here are some of my super easy lunch ideas:

  • Leftovers! Good for your wallet and your weight. If it isn’t enough for a full meal I will throw it on top of a salad or have with a side soup.
  • Pizzadilla
  • Salad with a hit of protein like chicken or beans
  • Soup/salad combo
  • Soup or chili
  • Baked potato with healthy toppings (like broccoli, cheese, homemade chili)

Do you eat lunch at home or at work? What do you like to have for lunch? If you could have any meal for lunch without the hassle of cooking it or having to go get it, what would it be? 

3 thoughts on “Lunchie Munchies (easy meals part 2)

  1. I eat lunch at work. Cause I sometimes don’t have access to a microwave (and never know if I will or not when I’m making my lunch in the morning), I usually go with something that doesn’t have to be heated. My usual is a pita, apple or carrots, a yogurt, and water. Not very impressive, but it fills me up.

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