Good morning! I hope your week is going well! I am still in some kind of crazy funk, that I can’t break out of but I am not going to dwell on it on the blog because that’d just be whining. What a better way not to whine than to talk about food! It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday!

The good news is, I seem to be somewhat out of my food rut! Take a look!

Breakfast was coffee (with stevia and almond milk, as usual) and a sandwich thin, toasted with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Amazing. I go through phases where I am obsessed with this breakfast, then I don’t want to touch it for months. Guess what phase I am in now?

For lunch I hit up the salad bar a work. Greens with peas, beans, carrots, olives, and some ham slices, oh and cheese. I put some balsamic on the salad, and a bit of ranch on the carrots. It was great!! Although I prefer chickpeas on my salads, this was great.

Snack as always was a little protein smoothie that I like to make. I think this has been on the last 509 WIAW posts, I am not going to bore you any longer. Haha. I love them because for about 200 calories I get a hit of protein that holds me over till dinner (most of the time). Speaking of dinner….

Enchiladas!! It’s been far too long since I had these. In attempts to fill my bottomless pit I roasted some broccoli with garlic and nutritional yeast, it was tasty! I am not going to lie, I went back for more enchiladas, they were so good, and I was so darn hungry yesterday! Delish.

What have you been eating lately?

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