Race Recap: Beat the Heat 5K

Hello! Happy weekend to you all! I hope that whatever you are up to is amazing πŸ™‚ I had so much fun at today’s race, I am SO glad I went out and did it. It was also my first race since 2008, so I feel like I am “back” into running. Even though I’ve been running for a few months. (Sorry about the blurry pic, I didn’t realize it was that bad until I got home.)

I knew heading into this race that I wasn’t going to be able to run the whole time, and that I wouldn’t be beating any records. I think that going in with a game plan (run 1/2 mile, walk 1/4) helped me keep my expectations in the right place.

Let’s get right in with the recap! I got up at 6 so I would have enough time to eat at drink coffee and not be full when the race started (which was at 8). I had gluten free toast (the only kind of bread we had in the house) with almond butter, agave syrup, and banana and cinnamon on top. It was yummy! (If you follow me on twitter, yes this is a recycled pic.)

Then I went to pick up my running buddy and to head to the race! It was only a few minutes away from my house, and it went a long the same running route that I usually take so it wasn’t unfamiliar territory.

The weather was perfect! It was cool but not cold, and it was in no way too hot. Loved it. I wish I had remembered to bring my sun glasses with me, the sun wasn’t up over the mountain when we left but boy was it on our way back!

Final results: (according to my phone, we were towards the back of the pack)
Total distance: 3.13 miles
Total time: 40:29 Β 
Average pace: 12:56/mile Β 
Average running pace: 10:00/mile
Average walking pace: 16:00/mile Β 

Like I said, not breaking any records. We stuck to the plan except towards the end (the second half of the race was more uphill than the first) where we took a little extra walking break up a hill.

Oddly enough, this was super close to my race time for the 4 mile Turkey Trot I did in 2008, I know you’re not supposed to compare yourself to yourself, but it’s hard not to.

While I clearly have a lot of room to grow, at the end of the day I am proud of myself. I truly believe that I did EXACTLY what my body needed me to do. I didn’t push it too hard, and I didn’t hold back. I don’t have any feelings of “Oh I should have done this…” because really I haven’t run in a week and the longest run I’d completely recently was just 2 miles. So all in all, I am happy about the race.

Some gripes I did have, my sock slipped during the final mile and I got a good blister, but that’s nothing too crazy. I think I just need to invest in socks that come up just a tiny bit higher with my new shoes. My hip flexors are MAD. Every once in a while I get some major issues with my hip, mainly from adding too much mileage too fast. It’s not too bad and I think that some quality time with my foam roller and tennis ball will work wonders.

Post run I munched on some apples and had some water, then I came home and made myself a FANTASTIC breakfast buritto. Into the mix: eggs, hot sauce, and leftover pico de gallo and salad dressing from Cafe Rio. Yeah. It is as amazing as you think it would be.

Once I showered and stretched a bit, I took a nap! I had a few nights of not sleeping great, so it was nice to read and snooze a bit. Once I woke up though I was SO hungry. I walked to the store (my hip hated me for that hill on the way home) and got some chicken and salad stuff (as well as some stuff for a fun recipe I am working on). Then I made a salad with chicken, cheese, pico de gallo, and yes, more Cafe Rio salad dressing. That stuff it AMAZING people. And they give you a vat of it, so it goes a long way.

I am off to stretch, relax, and get started on that new recipe πŸ™‚

What are you up to this weekend?


13 thoughts on “Race Recap: Beat the Heat 5K

  1. Oh, yea!!! Great job on the race! (And cute pic, it’s not that blurry.) I think it sounds like you did just what was right for your body today, just like you said. And the best part about races like that us that they leave room for improvement and usually a drive to achieve that improvement!

    Sorry about the bluster and the hip… I hate when my hip decides to be grumpy. Not fun. But the rest of your day sounds like a blast! Naps are always a plus (I’ve taken one already today, also) and that food looks tasty!

    My Saturday has been lazy, other than my run… Which was kinda slow and lazy also… Bur I’m loving it. It’s nice to have a veg day every now and again. πŸ™‚

    Again, great job!!! Glad you’re officially back on the racing scene!!

  2. So proud of you!! Sorry it took me so long to get on here and tell you!! You did AWESOME!!! and the food after looked YUMMY!!! I’m going to see if Kalee will incorporate some of your recipes into the next 2 weeks of our eating clean meal plan =) Let me know if you have any that you want to suggest.

  3. Awesome!!! Love it!! Great job!! I knew it would go great! πŸ™‚ About those socks.. I get mine at lucy and they have that flip thing on the end, so they don’t slip! time to get some! πŸ™‚

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