Fall Into Fitness Fridays

Hi lovelies!! I hope that your Friday is just amazing!! I started the day reading in bed, enjoying a cup of coffee. It was amazing, I just didn’t want to leave. Well maybe I didn’t want to leave because it was 54 degrees in my house. YEAH. IN the house. Needless to say the heater has officially been turned on for the season.

Today marked my first really cold run, it was only in the 40s today, so that was a new experience. I’ve been reading up on cold weather running, and I’ve come to a few conclusions that worked just great.

  1. Dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer. You’re running after all, that will warm you up, and it’s important not to overheat.
  2. Make sure whatever layer is closest to your body is moisture whisking (aka NOT cotton). This was huge, I wore my new Old Navy compression pants (so glad I got the leggings instead of the capris) and a long sleeve, though lightweight Nike running top as my base layers. It worked out great!
For this Fall Into Fitness Friday post I thought I would do a post about a very fall food, SQUASH!
Look at those lovelies!! I am not going to lie, I can’t even name half of those, but I love them nonetheless.
My favorite squash are butternut and spaghetti squash, but I am willing to try whatever! I want to try acorn squash one of these days, they look so yummy. Roasted, mashed, or in a soup, squash are so versatile and good for you.
Squash are full of antioxidants, have many anti-inflamatory qualities, and may regulate blood sugar and prevent heart disease. And to top it off it is also a very good source of free radical-scavenging vitamin C and manganese and heart-healthy potassium and dietary fiber. In addition, it is a good source of heart-healthy folate, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, and vitamin B6; energy-producing thiamin and vitamin B5; and bone-building copper. (source) AND one cup of baked squash has around 80 calories which is fantastic for my weight loss goals. While I don’t count calories, I do pay attention, and this just makes me happy because it means I can eat more 😉
As much as I adore squash, it really is a love or hate thing I think. My husband is NOT a fan. Unless I make butternut squash with pasta, bacon, or cheese. Or all three.
Are you a squash fan? Not at all? What’s your favorite seasonal ingredient? I love butternut squash SO much, but I really don’t like butternut squash soup (traditionally speaking) it’s a texture thing when it’s purred I think.

4 thoughts on “Fall Into Fitness Fridays

  1. I think I love squash, but to be honest I haven’t been too adventurous yet… That should definitely change. I’ve never head butternut, but heard tons of good stuff about it. Running in cold weather can be fun as long as you have the right gear, Luke you were saying, and it’s not raining or snowing… And I’d take running in the snow over running in the rain any day! I hate being soaked!

    • So true!! I was thinking about getting one of those neck scarf thingies for putting up over my nose and mouth for when it gets colder. My #1 complaint of running in the cold is breating in the cold air and how much it can hurt!

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