Hello Monday!

Perhaps this is cliché but what the heck happened to September. I swear it was my birthday about a week ago! But fall really is coming! It’s suposed to cool off significantly this week, and yesterday we went up to the canyons and got a little taste of what’s to come.

Now that it is October and I am really starting to feel the pressure of my upcoming races. I have a 5K on the 15th. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will most likely be able to run the entire thing without breaks, but I am OK with that. My goal for this week is to start with two miles (alternating running ½ mile with walking ¼) and increase by ¼ mile each workout. Sorry Couch to 5K program, I’ve totally abandoned you, but trust me it’s not you it’s me.

Oh and I almost forgot, three months and 25 days until my half marathon. I am really terrified that I am not going to be ready people! My training schedule looks fine on paper, but at the same time, I am so scared. Maybe being scared is good though because this way I will have that as an additional motivator.

The plan right now is 5K on the 15, then for the rest of October and November I am going to incorporate some speed work and start to slowly increase my mileage. Then I will start the 8 week half marathon training plan 🙂

Oh yeah did I mention that I only went on ONE run last week? Stupid cold. I am still not 100% but I am feeling up to pushing myself, so that’s good.

I am keeping this post short and sweet, mainly because I am having a hard time focusing.

Here is a friendly reminder, confidence is not something you just have it’s something you acquire and you don’t have to necessarily feel your best to be confident. Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, and that’s OK. No matter what insecurities you feel inside, put them aside and remind yourself that you are awesome!

12 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I love the fake it til you make it saying. My mom calls it the “as if” principle. For example, when I was in school and felt like I wasn’t enjoying a class/doing well, she would tell me to live “as if” I loved the class and the assignments and it was understandable and enjoyable. When you live like this, pretty soon, it does become easy and enjoyable! I just love it because it can be applied to everything!

    You will be okay. You have plenty of time to be ready for your half marathon. Just train as if you KNOW you’re going to rock it, and then you will!

  2. you’ll do great! I think your workouts look great on dailymile. I am using 3 months till your first 5k by david keuhls and I LOVE it! I couldn’t even run for longer than a minute and now I plan to run my first 5k (the 16th – day after yours) in under 30mins. You cna do it!!

    and woah amibitous I half as well. you go girl

  3. Oooo… such a pretty picture of the canyons… we don’t have any color change like that here yet… maybe if we took a drive up into the sierras…

    I loved that quote at the bottom… and I see that Cec has already written about the as if principle… I seriously think that I have to use this with most things in my life, but it really does work… sometimes I have to do it every morning for the first half mile or more of my run… and then suddenly I love it again and it’s all good. 🙂

    Good luck on the upcoming races!!!

  4. Wanted to thank you for the sweet comment on my breakfast container over at janetha’s blog!

    I don’t run or do marathons. I sit on the couch watch marathons of family guy. So um…yea I guess we sort of have that “marathon” thing in common….

  5. I am training for a 5K too and doing pretty much the same thing you are (running 1/2, walking 1/4), let me know how yours goes (I know you will), cannot wait to hear about it!!

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