Under the Weather

Ugh, I was trying to deny it, but I can’t any longer. I am sick. Going from the bed to the couch and hardly getting up sick. Maybe I am a big baby when it comes to this stuff, but I just feel icky. My ears are super plugged up, my throat is killing me, and my nose is super runny.

DayQuil is my new best friend. Oddly though when I am sick I crave junk food. I am not sure why, it’s weird. I fight it as much as I can and try to maintain healthy eats. Today I have been living off of green juice and chicken soup. Not too shabby!

I always get so annoyed when I get sick because it messes with my routine! I try to pinpoint what happened to make me sick, but it’s always useless. I am also annoyed that I got a flu shot not too long ago, what was the point if I am already sick!?

I should have named this post, Click Here to Hear Me Complain. Sorry friends…

6 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Awww… poor girl. You need a mom or a sister or someone there to take care of you! If I were there I’d make you soup, bring you meds and drinks, change your movies (because getting up from the couch to switch out dvds is annoying), prop/fluff your pillow, and rub your feet. (That’s what my mom does for me.)

    I hope you feel better really, really soon.

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