Fall Into Fitness Fridays

Happy first official day of fall everyone! How fitting that it fell on the same day as my Fall Into Fitness update? Look at this, the leaves on the tree outside our house are starting to change! So exciting!

I’ve had quite the week here I must say. Everything just kind of happened somewhat last minute, and I am just exhausted. Most weeks if I know that this is going to happen I prewrite some posts on the weekend, but I kind of dropped the ball on that one. If you fail to plan you plan to fail, right? It also doesn’t help that the two posts I did have ready to go we having technical difficulties, and I just didn’t have the time to sort them out. So yeah. Sorry. I am really noticing that as my life gets busier I need to be more organized and plan ahead. No longer are the days where I was working three days a week and could nap the rest of the days away and fit in fitness and other things at my leisure.

Oh my ChaLEAN Extreme came yesterday!!! I was so sad when I got an email saying that it wouldn’t be here till the 28th (sad day). Then Kim looked it up, and said it might be the 24th, then I got home and there it was! I was quite excited. The Hot by Halloween Challenge starts on MONDAY, so I am so glad it is here! I need to send in my measurements this weekend, can you tell I am putting it off? But I am excited for the before and after info J

Last week I set out three goals for the weekend, and I think I did a pretty good job of meeting them. Let’s review, shall we?

  1. Workout at least once. Done and done. I went for a run on Sunday morning first thing, and it was great!
  2. Try a new recipe/prep some meals for the week. I made two new recipes last week. One was for a guest post coming up in a few, the other was the soup recipe I posted earlier this week. I really wish that I could convey my obsession with this soup over the internet. It. Was. So. Good.
  3. Print out my training schedule. So I made my schedule, but I didn’t print it yet. One, because we were having issues getting power to our “office” and two because I wanted to include the ChaLEAN workouts on there. My running workouts are already planned out until the half marathon though.

So, what should my goals be for this weekend….?

  1. Hit the pavement twice. I skipped a run for a very good reason this week (more on that below), so I want to go out later this afternoon and Sunday morning again (I love how quite Sunday mornings are, it’s a great time to get out).
  2. Do some blog organizing and planning. In addition to my regular scheduled rambling, I have three guest posts coming up, and I really need to update my pages to have the most up-to-date links on them. Oh and I have a great idea for a new banner, but I need to see if it will actually look cool, or totally lame.
  3. Make a list of must-read books. I have a few random lists on my phone or computer or nook, but I still feel like I am always wondering what I should read next. I would love suggestions! I requested the books that The Game of Thrones is based on at the library for my nook, I watched season 1 on demand, and it was good!

I INTERUPT THIS POST TO BRING YOU AN EMBARASSING STORY. OK, I had to share this. I am at my desk right now with a cup of water with a lid and straw and a to-go cup of coffee. Welllll, I just put my head down with my tongue out trying to find my straw. Too bad it was my coffee. I am really glad I am alone right now.

One other thing I would like to do is a little shopping especially for new workout pants. Let me explain why I skipped my run yesterday. On Tuesday I was running and it was going great. Just as I started my last running segment of my workout, I felt a weird pain on my inner thigh. I didn’t really think much of it, but when I hopped in the shower to destink myself, it HURT. Yeah, I had a pretty intense chafing incident. And it’s not healing well because it’s not like I can’t wear pants at work (how is that for casual Fridays? Hahahaha) and I didn’t have a large enough bandaid for it until I went to the store yesterday. Fine call me a wimp if you will, but if you don’t believe me that this is horrible, then scrape off some skin on your inner/upper thigh where a seam of your pants will always hit it no matter what you wear, and then we can talk about the pain you experience every. Single. Step. It’s feeling a lot better today, and I saw that the culprit was some fraying on the seam of my favorite running capris (I got them on sale from Nike a few years ago for $20) so I am thinking it might be time to replace them.

What are YOU doing this weekend? How are your Fall Into Fitness goals coming along?

9 thoughts on “Fall Into Fitness Fridays

  1. Ooo… Not refutes here, I bet that really hurts. I hope the pants shopping goes well. I love Nike stuff… I wish it were all cheaper… or free. Free would be nice. Great job with the goals and I can’t wait to see the new banner! What is a chaLEAN Extreme?

  2. I am so behind! I have to start doing this on Fridays, instead of Monday or Tuesday. Ha. I did 11 miles on Sat, but made up for it by over eating, of course! 🙂 randomly, i just signed up for another half.. on sunday! so i guess my goal for next weekend is to finish that race. HA.

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