Fall Into Fitness Fridays

Well good morning!! Welcome to the first Fall Into Fitness Friday!! How has your week been going? Trucking along on your fitness goals? Have you tried any new recipes? Enjoyed anything very fall-like?

My week has been nice, I was pretty sleepy the past few days, so hitting the pavement has been a bit challenging. This morning my run was pretty phenomenal and I was so glad I went out before work.

One thing I have issues with morning workouts is being up before it’s light out. Instead of focusing on that this morning I focused on how I get to enjoy the sunrise. It was a great way to show how just a change in perspective can make a huge difference.

So far I’ve stayed on track for my runs. I did one on the treadmill and one outside, and I have to say, outside wins. I got SO BORED on the treadmill.

Exciting news!! I’ve decided to order the ChaLEAN Extreme workout program and participate in Kim and Kalee’s Hot by Halloween Challenge. If you ware interested in signing up, check out their site! I am looking forward for a fun little challenge to kick start my new strength training program and continue my half marathon training.

So, let’s keep the fun going into the weekend! I think that for the Fall Into Fitness series it would be fun to make some goals for the weekend to take it to the next level.

Here are mine (feel free to make your own or follow along!)

  1. Workout at least once. Weekends are super easy to get distracted for me, I don’t have a schedule or routine, so it’s easy to put off my workouts. Not any more! My goal is to get in one good run and some serious stretching.
  2. Try a new recipe/prep some meals for the week. I found some soup recipes in the cookbook Nourish, and I want to make some soup for lunches next week. By taking an hour or two to prep ingredients or even make ahead meals, you set yourself up for success. AND on an evening you don’t want to cook, you will most likely have something.
  3. Print out my training schedule. It dawned on me last night that I only have a little over four months until my half, and I am officially terrified. I want to make my calendar final, print it out, and put it up on the fridge. It will be a lot harder to ignore a workout that way.

How was your week of fall fitness? Do you have any fitness goals this weekend?

Happy Friday!!!

15 thoughts on “Fall Into Fitness Fridays

  1. This week I totally slacked off on running. I went for my first run of the week yesterday afternoon! Needless to say, I won’t be reaching my goal for this week of running 4.5 miles. I’m still going to try to go on another run on Saturday though. It really helps me to get my workout in on the weekends if I do it first thing in the morning. Otherwise, I get busy doing other things and I usually end up putting off my run.

  2. This weekend I plan on taking a break from working out so I can get some homework and studying done. I have 5 exams this upcoming week! :/
    I will probably go on a nice long walk with my mom though 🙂

  3. One of my favorite times to run is when the sun is coming up because of the way the sky changes so much between when you start your run and when you end. Plus, I like that feeling that the world is still sleeping while you’re out working hard. But yes, the waking up yourself and rolling out the door half-asleep is hard to do.

  4. So glad you had a great run!! One good one always gives me a boost after several crappy ones! You’ll have to share how the soups turn out!! SO, my goal was to have a nice long run this morning- haven’t had a long once since the half, which was two weeks ago. I’m happy to report it finally happened!! I did ten this morning and didn’t fall.. ha…. AND, tried something new-i listened to a book on tape during the run instead of music. It was great! Listened to the first hour and half of Unbroken! Turns out, it’s partly about a runner, so that was great! Other goal for the weekend is to get the sugar intake under control, it’s been terrible! Now, next week I just have to remember to post the goals on Friday, not Saturday!

    • I love listening to audio books during cardio! It’s a great way to zone out. Although I don’t recommend it for weights, it’s really hard to count and listen at the same time Hahaha.

      Good for you for nocking out a full 10 miles! That’s great!

      Sugar is always hard to get control of, but it’s worth it. I started small, cutting down on candy and such, then cutting back on the sugar in my coffee, now I just put a few drops of stevia in it. Now when I get a latte or have regular sugar it tastes almost sickly sweet.

  5. This week of fall fitness I went pretty easy on myself up until Friday afternoon when I ran my first leg of the Ragnar here and then my legs wanted to kill me… I still can hardly move… sitting and then getting back up is like death. So, yeah… it was a great fall fitness week!! 🙂

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