Why I Run

On my Fall Into Fitness introduction post earlier this week I got a comment from Kim asking WHY I run. I had to stop and think, well gee, didn’t I already do a post about this? I wrote about my relationship with running just last week!

Well while I talked about my relationship with running, I never talked about WHY I run.

Here you go Kim (and anyone else who wants to know):

  1. It’s an “easy” form of fitness. Really all you need is yourself and shoes and somewhere to go. I even read about a lady who, because she was uncomfortable about her weight, trained for a 5K in her house. Sure, I buy nice shoes and I like to swoon over fancy gear, but really, it’s as simple as you can get.
  2. So many benefits including weight loss, cardio and heart health, confidence, and mental health.
  3. It’s challenging. Want to push yourself? Run. Need to push yourself more? Run faster. Or up a hill. Or farther.
  4. Let’s be honest. It burns major calories and I like that.
  5. Jamie over at Cue Your Life said it best, “Because I can’t afford full-time therapy.” I could not have said it better myself! A lot of people talk about being able to think on their runs, but I do the exact opposite. I zone out which is an amazing relief from my constant habit of over thinking everything. And if I am cranky and I hit the pavement, more often than not, I come back feeling a lot better.
  6. It keeps me accountable on so many levels. Eat like crap and you will feel it on your run (unless you have some ridiculous tolerance for junk food, I don’t). Drink too much and you will feel it. Skip too many workouts and you will FEEL it.
  7. It makes me feel like a rockstar, and humbles me like no other. I am constantly learning new things about myself because of my runs. Even bad run, I learn something.
  8. Because a part of me hates it/is terrified by it. I don’t know what it is, but a part of me wants to love it because I hate it and it’s such a struggle for me to lace up my shoes and get out there three times a week. I want to triumph over this and get to the point where I actually look forward to running.
  9. I will constantly have room for growth. I know myself and I know by body. I can safely say I really don’t think I will ever run a marathon, and I know that I will always be able to increase my speed or run times.
  10. I have to rely on ME. So many times in life it’s easier to blame someone else or to hold someone else accountable for what happens. You can’t do that on your run. Sure you can blame it on the weather or your shoes or the route you took, but really at the end of the day it’s you, and learning from that is super important.

Trust me, I know running isn’t for everyone and I respect that 100%. Being fit isn’t just about finding something that helps you reach your body-related goals, but it’s about finding something you’re passionate about and having fun with it.

Why do or don’t you run?

16 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. Great reasons!!! We did a post about this a few weeks ago… I think the biggest thing for me was being competitive… with others, with myself, with everything and anything that says no… It’s amazing to stretch and overcome and push and succeed! I love running!! 🙂

  2. Such a well written post!! Thank you! I’ve always been curious as I pass those people jogging/running down the road thinking, “hey, you! you know you got to turn around and go back…better not go too far cause you might poop out before you make it back.” Now I know those people won’t give out. That’s part of the run. How far can you go? How far can you push yourself? How much can I forget on this run? or how much can I work out in my mind on this run? I find that I am the same way with Insanity, so your explanation made perfect sense. See, even though I’m a BB coach and probably shouldn’t admit this…I hate Insanity, BUT there’s something in me that’s determined to do it, darn it!! I want to like it. I want to see the results. I want to get through it and know that I CAN do it. No I will NEVER be a professional athlete, but I want to conquer that program. So I understand now the drive to want to like it. The drive to push yourself and the responsibility of doing it is all in ourselves. As you said, it’s like that with any exercise. The key is finding what you are passionate about. The work out that you enjoy. The program that will keep you lacing up. Thanks for the post dedicated to my question =) I hope others will read and understand because I know running often gets a bad wrap because people not understanding the “why?” I think I may just have to try me one of those “k” or half-marathon things, but I gotta finish Insanity first =p

  3. I’m just like you. I often zone out during my runs. And most of the time, it really does make me feel better. Must be those endorphins! Haha! And I definitely enjoy the fact that you can just lace up your shoes and head out the door. No monthly gym membership to pay for! 🙂

  4. Holy moly! Thanks for the link-back! I TOTALLY agree with you…I love the non-thinking that is related to running. I have to concentrate so hard on continuing..just that next breath, that I’m able to zone out the whole world. SO AMAZING!

  5. I love your reasons to run! I totally agree, you nailed a lot of my reasons too. I do love that apprehension running gives me, that “can I really do this workout?” feeling, and then blowing it out of the water. Or sometimes it does kill me, so then later on when I try it again and I do better, I feel even more amazing.

    Running rocks!

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