WeeWaa AKA What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome to another wonderful addition of WIAW or What I Ate Wednesday for those of you who are new (hellooooo!). If you haven’t already, pop over to Jenn’s, the WIAW founder’s, blog. Side note: When I say they acronym in my head I always say it “wee waa” even though I know that that isn’t really what the letters are saying. Oh well 🙂

My day started with an interesting breakfast. I was super hungry, and I wanted something hot and satisfying pretty quick. I had some leftover Healthy Hearty Chili, but not enough to make a whole lunch, so I heated that up and added some egg whites. Kind of like a wuevos rancheros because a lot of the broth cooked off while I heated up the leftovers. It was super satisfying and really hit the spot. And I was full for hours. Win!


Then some iced coffee was enjoyed. I am really torn right now between drinking my beloved iced coffee or switching to warm for the cooler temperatures Jury is still out.


For lunch I had a kind of deconstructed burrito salad. Quinoa, beans, avocado, salsa, and goat cheese on greens. Welllllllll, I brought this on Monday and ended up going to an event for lunch instead, and this hung out in the employee refrigerator at work. And half of it froze overnight. Fail. Luckily they had a healthy minestrone soup on the menu, so I had a cup of that and ate what I could of the salad.

When I got home from work I was ready for a snack, so I had a cup of organic vegetable soup.

For dinner my husband came home and told me that he had to go to the hardware store, and since it just so HAPPENS to be across the street from Jimmy John’s, he would grab food there. Ever since he discovered the unwich he has been obsessed. It’s the only place he can get a sub that’s gluten free friendly. I forgot to specify I wanted wheat bread, so I got their baguette. Their bread is heavenly. (Can you tell I was still eating while #fitchat started? Haha.)

Pretty great day of eats. I am already dreaming about that sub again…

14 thoughts on “WeeWaa AKA What I Ate Wednesday

  1. haha I guess I never really pronounce WIAW I just kind of say the whole thing straight out.
    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone have such a savoury day! Are you usually such a savoury person?
    I’m going to have to check out what an unwich is. Sounds interesting!

    • Now that you mention it, I do usually eat that way! I’ve never really given it much thought, but yes, I usually prefer savory foods 🙂

      Don’t get me wrong though, I do love my sweets!

      The unwich is great! I want to know where they buy the lettuce leaves so big, they can wrap a sub!

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