New Running Shoes

Hi there! This weekend I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do for a looooong time, I got new running shoes.

Let me just say, I am the worst role model for you when it comes to running shoes. My last pair were purchased in 2008. I got a look for that one. When you need new shoes depends a lot on your milage but you shouldn’t run on shoes more than a year old for a number of reasons. Woops.

Lesson learned. I went to Salt Lake Running Co., which was magical. They put you in shoes, then they film you running and then you watch it played back in slow motion. Then your gait is analyzed and they find you shoes that best fit your stride, and inserts as well.

Well watching myself run (from the calves down, THANK GODDNESS, I don’t think I will ever, EVER want to watch myself run in slow motion) was super eye opening. Turns out I over pronate like NO other (I mean, you know in magazines when they have a picture showing the different ways people heel strike, and they show the over pronation and you think, oh no one is that bad. Well mine was worse). I knew I was an over pronator, I had issues because of it when I was a senior in high school, longer than a year of pain and nine months of physical therapy helped a lot. I got inserts for all of my shoes, and I really took to heart the changes that my physical therapist suggested.

Now, I don’t have as severe of issues as I did, but seeing that video made me realize how quickly those issues can come back if I am not careful. I can’t be sidelined for that long again.

Luckily I got some fantastic shoes that are super supportive and some additional inserts to take the arch support to the next level. I got Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 with Powerstep full length inserts. I loved how lightweight and supportive these were. And they just felt awesome. And let me tell you, I was trying to narrow it down between these and a pair with pink on them and I chose these. It was hard to say no to the pink but I wanted the best shoes I could get.

I also looked into exercises and things you can do to help over pronation. I’ve known this for a while, but I need to cool it on the heels at work. And the flats. What I really need is flats with inserts that aren’t ugly. Impossible you say? Never!

I want to be proactive in my training instead of reactive. I don’t want issues I’ve experienced in the past to creep up on me.

According to this article on Bosu’s website, “This inward rotation pulls the attachment of the glutes, TFL and abductors away from the origin of these muscles up on the pelvis which creates tension. “

So THAT’s why I have so much tension in my hips and glutes. Isn’t it amazing how everything in our bodies are connected and work together?


9 thoughts on “New Running Shoes

  1. I hear Brooks adrenaline are really good shoes. I’ve never run in them, but I did get a pair of their Ghosts for free a couple of months ago and they’re pretty good shoes. I think the Adrenaline is a step up. I love that quote: “I want to be proactive in my training, instead of reactive.” I might just write that down and put it on my fridge. Thanks 🙂

  2. While I was still living in Utah, I worked at a running store in American Fork and Provo that also did a gait analysis by filming you run from the calf down and determining pronation/neutrality/supination. It was such a fun job! I loved watching people’s faces light up as I explained they over-pronated and that’s the answer to a lot of their knee, hip, and shin pain. (I mean, not that everyone over-pronates…but a lot do) Yay for new shoes and fixing pronation!

  3. Those Adrenaline’s are AMAZING…fyi though…definitely need replaced after 300-400 miles, TOPS. I’ve worn Adrenaline’s exclusively for 3 years and this is the only issue I’ve found!

    • That’s good to know! I’ve been loving them so far, although my feet cramped up a little on my first run, they just aren’t used to the arch support. No cramping on my run yesterday though! Woohoo! The only thing was yesterday my sock slipped and I now have some lovely sore spots on my heal 😦

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