WIAW on My Birthday!

Good morning friends. I’m sorry I was so quiet yesterday. It was my birthday and while I tried to do a post at work, my computer wouldn’t let me post anything.

I got to work yesterday to a bunch of lovely surprises! My coworkers decorated my office, yeah that’s a pink princess banner.

I also got a fun little book I can’t WAIT to start making recipes from.

And now for some What I Ate Wednesday fun!!

For breakfast my husband brought me a bagel and coffee, which went unpictured because I ate it in bed.

At about 10 a.m. I broke into my giant bag of kettle corn from my boss.

I promise there is still some leftover.

I went out and got a HUGE salad for lunch, so huge I swung by my house to box up half of it for lunch today. It had some salmon and corn. Yummmmmm!

Then cake happened.

Then my husband took me out for a lovely dinner. Which started with a lovely lemon cocktail.

Then we had some tableside guacamole which was delish!

And for the main event, we both got the mushroom enchiladas. They were SO good I wish I had had more room to finish them all. I definitely want to try to recreate the recipe at home.

Pretty yummy birthday if you ask me!!

14 thoughts on “WIAW on My Birthday!

  1. Mmm I am starving after reading this post! What excellent birthday meals! Happy day! I am now going to search for a mushroom enchilada recipe, yum yum yum.

    What a cute cake! Also, I’m jealous of your cake bite book b-day present. Cake bites are so fun and tasty!

    Hope your special day was great! I mean, it definitely looks like it was 🙂

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