[Somewhat] Back into a Routine

Warning: this is a rambling post that I didn’t really proof because I am so sleepy I can’t even focus anymore. I also apologize if I commented on your blog tonight and it makes no sense. 

Hi lovelies! I hope your Monday is going well, I was planning to post this earlier, then my day happened.

I didn’t have to go to work until 12:30 so I was like, oh I have tons of time to do all kinds of things. Go grocery shopping, shower and do my hair, finish emptying out the car of kitchen stuff (we STILL can’t find a can opener), write a blog post… all before work. OK yeah not that much happened. I didn’t even look at the car to unpack, all I am going to say is that I was happy my hair was even dry when I left for work, and my blog post was about two sentences.

It happens! My day was crazy busy, and I was at work till 8 p.m. so I am happy to report that I am now relaxing on the couch with a Skinnygirl Margarita while watching the Bachelor Pad. I wonder what kind of bargaining I would have to use to get my husband to give my a foot rub? I think that since my birthday is in two days and I am pretty confident that he hasn’t gotten my present yet, might give me some leverage.

Ironically I was going to post about getting back into a routine. I’ve been in the complete opposite of one recently. It’s been a struggle to get in my basic training runs for the 5K, let alone any other strength training because for longer than two weeks we’ve been painting, moving, cleaning, unpacking, and working on top of all of it.

Funnily enough I am so sore from moving. Lifting, scrubbing, and painting really gives you a workout. I’ve been doing the bare minimum workout wise, which is totally the opposite of what I should be doing. It’s not like I am signed up to run a 5K in seven weeks or a half marathon in January or anything.

Now that things are somewhat settling down it’s time to get back at it. Eating right not only to get my weight loss back on track but also to get my energy back and clear up my skin (seriously, it’s sad).

My work schedule has changed, I am working more house now, so I am taking this opportunity to get into a better workout routine. When I was working less I had the afternoons a lot of days to go to the gym whenever worked for my schedule, or my nap schedule 🙂

Now I am pretty much full time except I don’t work on Fridays so I need to get a normal person schedule again.

Best way to do this? Make a plan!! I made a weekly plan for my food goals:
Breakfast (protein/carbs) egg white scramble with veggies and toast
Lunch (carbs/veggies/beans) greens with rice, beans, corn, salsa and goat cheese feta (or sauteed kale and onions instead of fresh greens)
Snack (protein/fruit) fruit smoothie with protein powder
Dinner (protein/veggies)
steak taco salad
steak with cauliflower mash/peas mash and asparagus
tofu stir fry with peanut sauce (use LO kale, asparagus, onions, frozen veggies)
vegetarian chili (add quinoa and frozen corn)

I realize that I am eating the same things for breakfasts and lunches, but I pretty much do this all the time. It’s cheaper. I have one or two breakfasts or lunches a week.

As for workout plans, I am still on the fence when it comes to working out in the morning or in the afternoon.

I like working out in the morning because it energizes me, I know I’ve accomplished my goal for the day (maybe it’s me being childish, but I like knowing that I’ve already been so productive before I even get to work, it makes me feel special), if I fuel right after, I don’t get more hungry after, and I actually do my hair and shower although that’s more for my coworkers. You’re welcome. I don’t like the time that the alarm goes off, I don’t like feeling like I don’t have something to do after work, and I don’t like having jello legs before work. It’s weird, but it’s dangerous when I wear heals…

I like working out in the evening because I get to sleep in and have a more relaxing morning, if I go right before dinner all I want is healthy food for dinner. I don’t like that it is SO much harder to get out the door. After a long day at work it’s hard. I can also tell the difference in my feet when I run after wearing heals all day, and it’s not a good difference.

This internal debate is becoming an excuse not to workout at all which is not OK, so instead of deciding, I am going to do whatever works best for me that day. I will decide which days I am going to do what workout, and determine the time of day when I get there.

Mondays: Strength

Tuesdays: Run + abs

Wednesday: Strength

Thursdays: Run + abs

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Run + abs

Sunday rest

What do you do when you need to get back into a routine? For me, plans are always key. 


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