Half Marathon Training Update

Hello! I hope your week is going well. We are still trying to get the house move in ready, I feel like everything is on hold until we move. Needless to say I am sleepy and tired of painting. Good news though:

(source) Where can you get those wings??

I registered last night for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon!!! Good thing too, because it was already at 95% full. Procrastinate much? I prefer the term incubation—I thrive under pressure… or something like that 😉

One thing that I can’t put off any longer, my half marathon training plan!! You can see my original plan here, but some things have changed. I am going to be running a 5K on Oct. 15—only 8 short weeks away! Since I have already been doing HIIT training fairly regularly, I am not too worried about it. I am going to follow the Cool Running Couch to 5K program, which I have done before, but start on week two.

This cuts my phase one down by about 6 weeks. And honestly I am not even close to my phase one goal. I am trying not to be discouraged (which is hard, I left the gym crying the other day), and I think that I have realized my achilles heal—consistency. I am not staying consistent with my diet and training from week to week. I will be doing really great for a week or two, lose pounds, then stress or being busy will get in my way, and I lose my momentum. I keep fluctuating with the same 5 or so lbs and it’s making me nuts.

Here’s the thing though. This is the point in the past that I usually give up. I would get discouraged, say “What’s the point?” and just stop trying. Well today is when that doesn’t happen.

I know what I need to do to lose weight, and I know what I am not doing. I need to watch my portions. I need to eat more veggies. I need to be mindful of my carb to protein balance. And I know I need to hold myself accountable. No one is going to make this happen but me.

I’m excited to get running this week! Do you have any races coming up? 


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