Stress Monster

Hello lovelies! Is it really only Tuesday? I feel like I am dragging like it’s already Thursday, I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get any time to relax during the weekend.

I was writing a post about something totally different, but decided to scrap that for another topic—I just wasn’t feeling the other one.

Today I want to talk about stress. All you hear about these days is how bad stress is for your health and how we are all stressed out we all are. Now to be honest, I feel like my stress level is generally not too bad, but it’s definitely increased in the past year or so. In general though, I go through periods of high stress, and then go back to normal. Which is no big deal, its life, and it’s all about how you deal with it.

Here are some unhealthy habits I’ve noticed I take on when I am under a lot of stress:

  • I don’t eat. It seems like this would be good for my weight loss goals, but not eating is the worst thing you can do. Once I have a chance to breathe and realize how hungry I really am, I want to—and usually do—eat everything in sight.
  • I don’t drink water. When I get busy, I don’t drink enough water, and being dehydrated is one of the worst feelings ever!
  • I get too absorbed in what’s going on, which distracts me from other things like meal planning, going to the gym, and taking the time to make wholesome foods.
  • My quality of sleep goes down dramatically. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and every little thing wakes me up. When I am really stressed, I get horrible nightmares which wake me up multiple times a night, not great for getting rest.

Pretty much a list of what not to do, right?

So in efforts to maintain consistency (have you read Tina’s post about how consistency helped her reach her body after baby goals? Amazing post!) to reach my goals, I am consciously trying to reduce stress and when I can’t, handle it in a healthier way. The key is to break these habits I have fallen into.

Here are a few examples of what I am doing in order to achieve this:

  • When I know I am going to have a busy/stressful day I make sure to eat a filling and healthy breakfast and I make sure to eat a snack before I head out to wherever I am going. I also bring a Clif or Lara bar with me, and so even if I am crazy swamped, as soon as I have a chance to breathe, I take a few bites. This keeps my energy up, and if it’s the end of the event, eating something right away prevents me from overeating later.
  • Hydrate! Luckily when I was at an event yesterday they had all kinds of waters and electrolyte drinks, which was awesome, but not always an option. I try to hydrate a lot before an event (but not so much that I have to go to the bathroom nine times an hour) and I always make sure that I have water waiting for me when the event is over.
  • Take a break. I know it’s easy to get absorbed in things, which is why keeping with a normal routine is exactly what I need to do to keep things in check. Also keeping up with being active always helps.
  • I also do what I call “picking my battles.” You can’t win them all, and you can’t be in control of everything, so why worry about it all?

OK, I feel like I am starting to ramble, I’ve been having a hard time focusing lately, I am thinking about picking up a supplement to help with memory/focus.

How do you deal with stress? Any techniques you employ when things get busy in your life?

4 thoughts on “Stress Monster

  1. I totally felt like I was reading about Me when I was reading what happens when you get stressed. as an icu nurse, when we get busy or if there’s a crisis and the adrenaline starts flowing, we don’t eat, drink water, or go pee. It’s the worst combo. 12 hours later I come home and I realize i’m famished and dehydrated and EVERYTHING goes into the mouth! so hard to maintain my goals when this is my work life!

    • Wow, I can’t even imagine being a nurse in an ICU, working 12 hour shifts. You are a rockstar!! You should get a camel pack and fill it with gatorade or something and hide it under your shirt. Sure you may look like you have a hump, but at least you’d be hydrated 😉

  2. Picking your battles is great advice! This may sound silly, but I have a stress ball in my desk. When I’m really stressed, I squeeze it and usually feel a little better.*

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