Missing Blogger Found

Why hello there! Long time no see! I hope that you had an amazing weekend. I’ve been MIA lately because I have been so darn busy at our new house. On Saturday and Sunday we spent more than eight hours (each day!) hard at work at getting our place move-in ready.

Here’s what we got done:
painted the outside railing 
stripped and painted the front porch 
painted the awning supports out back 
put down lawn seed on the bare patches 
watered the front and back yards (and subsequently found out that the hose attachments spray forward and backwards at the same time, luckily it was hot) 
patched and put spakel on all the holes in the walls (I did this part by myself, I am super proud) 
put two coats of primer on the two red walls and entry way 
taped off everything 
painted the ceilings 
painted the two front rooms (the first is almost done, we need a better way to reach the top of the wall) 

We still have quite a few things to get done, like paint the two bedrooms and fix one of the walls in the master bedroom. Hopefully we can get that done in two evenings this week. My plan is to start moving what I can by myself on Friday and then my husband and his buddies can move the big stuff on Saturday.

I am pretty exhausted from all of the moving madness. Needless to say I didn’t hit the gym, and seriously, I didn’t need to! My biceps, triceps, and shoulders are sore from rolling paint. My quads are exhausted from squatting down, and I was on my feet for the better part of eight hours each day.

Luckily for me I don’t have to work until noon today so I have the morning to catch up on some fun things that didn’t make the to do list this weekend, like grocery shopping and buying new jeans (insert cringe here…).

Some foods I am planning on making this week:
Peanut Mmmm Sauce (pictured above on a baked tofu veggie stir fry with brown rice)
Nacho Mmmm Sauce (I am thinking of making this with a fajita type stir fry—peppers, mushrooms, onions, maybe beans)
Pasta—topping TBD
Pizzadillas!! I need to do a post that is an ode to the pizzadilla. My cousin posted a pic of a pizza she had this weekend, and I want to try to recreate it. It involved peach, prosciutto and ricotta—I’m excited!

How was your weekend? Do you have any special plans for the week?


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