She’s Diet

Good morning lovelies! I caught the bus to work this morning, so I decided I would grab some breakfast at the cafeteria at work when I arrived (I brought my own coffee, it’s about priorities people…).

I ordered an egg white scramble with veggies (peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms) and a small scoop of hash browns. When I got my food, the guy in line behind me said, “Oh! That looks good! I will have what she is having.”

The woman who makes breakfast—she might be my new BFF she always gives me extra pickles on my veggie burgers—asked him if he wanted egg whites or eggs in his, and he asked “Well what did she have?”

And as I am walking away the lady says, “She had egg whites, she’s diet.”

HA! That totally cracked me up (English is the woman’s second language). I love that in the past five months my asking for healthy modifications on my food has already gotten me a reputation with the cafeteria staff.

Although I would like to clarify that I am not diet, I am healthy 😉

2 thoughts on “She’s Diet

  1. “She’s diet” makes me think of soda. As in, “is that coke?” “No, it’s diet.” And I am with you on the being healthy vs. being on a diet. There is a big difference.*

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