What I Ate Wednesday 8/10

Hi friends! We’re back for another edition What I Ate Wednesday. These are actually my eats from yesterday mainly because I like posting in the mornings (yesterday excluded) and because yesterday was an off day for me.

One goal I have it to always be honest on my blog, and I think that sharing what I eat on an off day is a perfect way to do this. I think that sometimes bloggers feel pressure to eat a certain way or show themselves in a certain light. Well here is some news for you, no one is perfect, and sometimes feeding your body is about giving it healthy options (OK and sometimes not so healthy options) of what it’s really craving. Which sometimes means refried beans for dinner and pickles for a morning snack.

Breakfast: Whole grain bagel with cream cheese and iced coffee. Amazing.

Midmorning snack: Veggie burger on a slice of Ezekiel bread with mustard and relish. Random goodies from the salad bar at work, including ham, carrots, and pickles.

Late lunch: After work I made myself an amazing salad made almost exclusively from ingredients from the farmers market. So yummy! Into the mix went a greens mix, cucumber, red onion, heirloom tomatoes, goat feta, and some ground chicken. Then I finished it off with some balsamic. Summer on a plate. (I apologize for the weird blurring, clearly I was too hungry to pay attention to focusing on taking a decent image.)

Snack: A cookie that I ate far too quickly to picture. It was amazing.

Dinner: By the time dinner rolled around I was still battling a headache (I didn’t drink enough water today) and I didn’t feel like taking time to make anything. So I sauted some fresh corn cut off the cob with onions and cayenne pepper. Then I heated up some refried beans and topped it with hot sauce. It was filling and satisfying. Even if it was a little weird.

All in all it was a little more carby than I usually eat, but I needed it, I was tired, and I felt a lot better by the end of the day.

Are there any foods you crave when you aren’t feeling like yourself? When I have a headache or I am tired, I crave carbs—same when I am coming down with a cold. When it comes to weird combos, I don’t usually eat too many. I like extra pickles on almost everything (including veggie burgers, they already know in the cafeteria at work to hook me up, score!!). When I am really craving something comforting (which isn’t that often honestly, I don’t remember the last time I ate this—post along these lines to come tomorrow) I like to go to Carls’ Jr. and get a burger with only cheese, extra pickles, and catsup. I am fairly confident that there are a few late night drive through workers who think I am pregnant.

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