Monday Breakfast

Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. I started the day off with a delicious breakfast.

Iced coffee, Ezekiel toast with white bean pesto, tomato, and egg whites. Oh and hot sauce.

I really don’t know what my dealio is these days! I am all about the hot sauce!

I don’t have too much planned this week. I am going to try a new work schedule that allows me to eat my lunch at home, we will see how it goes! I am hoping to gradually get back into working out in the mornings again, we will see how that goes…

We get to move into our new house a week from today!! We are so excited. We went in yesterday to see it totally clean and empty. Every time I see it I am more and more happy about moving in. We narrowed down our paint colors and found out that the landlord is going to reimburse us for all the updates we do including just painting. The whole place needs a fresh coat—it’s been longer than a year since it was last painted. My husband is going to fix some issues with some of the walls, but other than that we are pretty much ready to go. She also said that since our lease officially starts on Monday, we can go in the weekend before to start prepping the place to paint. Home Depot here we come!!

Since we moved to Utah just short of 6 months ago, we don’t have that much stuff to move, we got rid of a lot before we left California, so I am not to worried about packing. I am going to take the “throw things into garbage bags and drive them 8 blocks” technique.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Breakfast

  1. This looks great! Lately I have just been craving eggs or some kind of protein in the morning and I have heard alot about Ezekiel bread. After reading this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth (, I started taking better inventory of what I feed my son and family. I had NO IDEA how much sugar he was consuming…and processed foods. It’s time for our family to make some changes, starting with me.

    • Good for you for being proactive about you and your family’s health!! It’s true, sugar seems to be hidden everywhere… the more whole foods the better, for so many reasons. I really like Ezekiel bread, The one I got this week is the 9 grain or something amazing like that, I love how hardy it is. I am totally feeling you about the protein in the mornings, other foods just don’t seem to work for me! Happy Monday 🙂

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