Workout Roundup 8/7

Hello there! I hope you are having an amazing weekend. Yesterday I went to the farmers market, hit up the gym (and felt like jello afterwards, it was great), went to the Home Depot to grab some paint swatches for the new casa (we’re doing a walk through today!), and then did some old fashioned relaxing.

Sundays are usually all about cleaning around here. Which I hate… haha. I really liked the cleaning schedule Caitlin posted on her blog a while ago, I am going to adopt something like that, it seems so much more manageable.

Monday: 5 min incline walk warmup, 20 min weights, 20 minute incline walk

Tuesday: Unplanned rest day. I was feeling really off all day, I ended up taking a 4 hour nap, which I think helped ward off a cold.

Wednesday: 5 min incline walk warmup, 30 min weights, 5 min incline walk

Thursday: At-home yoga workout. When I was contemplating my rest days the other day, I completely forgot that my husband has band practice with his buddies and takes the car on Thursday afternoons/evenings. So, at-home workout/rest day it is!

Friday: Another unplanned rest day, it was just an off week. I was feeling rundown so again, I napped 🙂 it’s how I roll.

Saturday: 5 min incline walk warmup, 40 min weights, 5 min alternating running for 30 seconds @ 6.0 and walking for 1 minute @3.5 all at an incline of 2.

Sunday: Walk planned. I was going to go in the morning, but it’s too warm already, so I am going to go later when it cools off a bit.

How were your workouts this week? If you’re interested in keeping up with my workouts, check out my new dailymile profile. I will be logging my workouts daily and summing them up on the blogsie on Sundays.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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