Farmers Market

Hello friends! I hope that you are all having a glorious Saturday. Mine has been wonderful so far. I woke up at 8:30 without an alarm (as much as I love sleeping in, I hate feeling like I am missing out on my day), had some vegetable juice—celery, beet, kale, carrot—with a splash of lime juice, and went to the farmers market!

The Downtown Farmers Market—Salt Lake City is great, but it gets a little nuts. We take my husband’s Vespa and that makes parking one million times easier, but I am always a little overwhelmed by the amount of people there.

Today we got:
heirloom tomatoes (second picture)
red currants (first picture, they just looked so darn cute)
caramel corn
goat cheese feta (from Drake Family Farms)
greens mix (there was something called lemon spinach in it? I am super intrigued)

Not too shabby for about $20!

Do you go to your local farmers market? Is it crazy busy like ours? Is there one item you go for? 

When I don’t feel like going, I always go for the goat cheese (see link above for info about the farm), it’s the best I’ve ever had. On that note, I actually prefer getting the local goat cheese, I never have the same reaction to goats cheese as I do to cows milk anything, and the quality of the farm we get it from is great. And it’s not just the regular goat cheese, they have feta, mozzarella, various flavors, and more. I just saw on their website that you can order goat milk from them too, I am intrigued!


8 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. I love farmers markets, used to go back home but since moving overseas haven’t been yet. Will definitely have to check out the farmers markets near us soon though, you can always find something different there 🙂

  2. Those currants look gorgeous!! They would do well for nice bowl of cold fruit salad on a hot summer day :). I usually go to my farmers market for fresh herbs and vegetables, but I have to be there like 8 am or most of it will be gone.

    • Fruit salad is a great idea for those bad boys! I’ve been trying to think of what to do with them 🙂 I totally just bought them because they were cute haha.

      That’s one thing I appreciate about the size of the farmers market here is that most of the booths seem to stock fairly well. Once we got there 20 min before closing and we still got some great stuff.

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