August + Rest Days

I am ready for a great week! I hope that you are too. As I was cleaning up the kitchen, I realized something. I knew that I would have no interest making myself breakfast in the morning, so I had the forethought to throw together some overnight oats. I usually am not a huge fan of oats for breakfast, I prefer my breakfasts have more protein than carbs, but I threw in a scoop of protein powder and almond butter. Not too shabs!

I am so excited for this month! Honestly, the last part of July was a little rough for me. I was a little too stressed, and I lost my perspective a little, but on the other hand it was amazing—I started this amazing little blog. I have been blown away by the support and connections I have already made.

Unfortunately my weight loss goals aren’t really going the way I had hoped. But that’s OK, because August is what it’s about! We are going to get our adorable little house, get out of the apartment that is infested with bugs (I saw SIX on the ceiling at one time. Gross), my husband is starting his new job, I might get to see my family in California, the much anticipated new release from Kathy Reichs is coming out (!!!), and last but not least my birthday!

With the focus back on hitting the gym regularly, I am sure to remember rest days are an important aspect of any workout routine, but I’ve been noticing that for me, my Wednesday rest days are turning into Wednesday-Friday rest days. Not OK. So, I’ve decided to work on a new plan.

Instead of taking my Wednesday rest day, I am going to do what would usually be my Thursday workout, and then on Thursdays, do a yoga class at my gym. I will try it this week and let you know. I hope that the yoga class is good, I am picky when it comes to classes. I might just end up in the back doing 19 extra down dogs 🙂

Speaking of rest days, I’ve also seen that I usually take one day to pretty much do NOTHING. And frankly, I am starting to become restless because of it. I never make a schedule for my weekends, but I am hoping that now that we are going to have a house, we will have enough weekend projects to keep me busy. Why am I talking about this on my blog called reads recipes runs? Well quite a few studies have shown that housework can contribute to your over all fitness level. Weekend projects here I come!

The plan for my week is quite uneventful. Work. Getting things ready for the move, working out, and blogging it up! I also need to focus on bringing food to eat at work. I’ve become fairly reliant on the cafeteria at the hospital, and I need to branch out more.

Do you have any goals for August? Anything fun planned?

Incase you missed it: 
I am SO proud of this post I wrote this weekend.
Do you have a juicer? I used one for the first time yesterday. 

7 thoughts on “August + Rest Days

  1. Just found your blog–it’s so cute! I am definitely working on being more positive for the month of August–as well as working out more regularly. Both those things are really important to me!

  2. Ohh, oohhh, me, me! I have goals for August AND fun plans! My goal: get married! My fun plans: hey, what about that? Same thing! :))))

    Remember with your workouts that you definitely need two rest days per week (but they don’t have to be total rest. Housework, going for leisurely walks, etc. still counts as resting AND is good for stress!)

    • Haha yeah you have some fantastic plans for this month!

      I hear you on the rest days. I’m hoping yoga will be slow enough that it will count as active rest… Maybe I can just chill on my mat the while time?? Haha.

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