Recipe: Lemon Bars

Hello! I hope that you are all having a great week, it’s almost Friday!!! Thank goodness. I’m feeling a little off today, really tired, I’m not sure what’t up with me this week. One thing that always makes things better: baking. I have a soft spot for baking and I just love it. The only issue is that in the last few years I’ve really cut back on baking, because I am not great at gluten free baking, and it’s just mean to bake all kinds of yummy things my husband can’t have.

Solution? Make things for coworkers! Yesterday my office had a “Chef Showcase” which I was planning on participating in with my favorite lemon bars, until my oven revolted and ruined more than half. Two pans were ruined and the outer edges of the last were ruined as well. I got maybe six good pieces—definitely not enough to bring for sampling at the showcase.

Fortunately these lemon bars may end up getting us a new house to rent! On a whim my husband and I called about an adorable house we saw for rent. It is perfect! Perfect price, perfect size, just perfect! We met one of the owners, who is super sweet, and we really liked her, and I brought her some of my lemon bars. When she called back to tell us we have a fairly good chance, she said they were the best she had ever had. Thank you lemon bars for being magical!

I found the perfect recipe from Deb’s beautiful blog Smitten Kitchen, my one of my all-time favorite cooking blogs. Last summer I pretty much attempted to make everything on the blog, it was amazing.

To see the recipe, visit the original post. I switch from the thick to thin layer pretty much every time I make these, it really just depends on my mood 🙂

We should hear back about the house tonight, fingers crossed!!


4 thoughts on “Recipe: Lemon Bars

  1. That is a fantastic lemon bar recipe. If you ever do want to try out gluten-free baking, give me a shout! I have an uncle and two good friends who can’t eat gluten, so I’ve been making up GF dessert recipes for years.

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