Are You Pushing Yourself?

Hi friends! Just stopping in to say hi 🙂 I will be back later today with a more lengthy post. But I wanted to stop in and say heeeeyyyyyy!

I didn’t snap a pic of my breakfast this morning (and I am still debating the posting all my meals thing—thoughts?), mainly because my apartment gets ZERO lighting in the morning so they all look yucky (side note, I am currently taking all of my blog pics with my iPhone 4, which is actually going better than I expected, but still not great!). This morning I had two poached eggs on a corn tortilla with half a banana with homemade almond butter (I seriously have no idea how this has lasted as long as it has!) and a slice of cheese while I was waiting for the eggs to cook. In all honesty I went through 3 eggs, I messed the first one up hardcore. I still don’t really know what happened with that first one, but I am blaming it on my stove’s inability to maintain a constant temperature. It was quite the filling breakfast!

I touched briefly in a recent post about pushing yourself and not phoning in workouts. Following my own advice, I’ve been asking myself the last two weeks, is that really the max weight you can use for this exercise and this many reps? The simple answer? No!

Since I have been increasing my weights, I have truly surprised myself. Even while being able to maintain the amount of reps necessary, I’ve been increasing by as much as 5 lbs. which is shocking considering I was already using 5 or 10 lbs. for things like arms. I’ve noticed myself being a lot more soar, and experience more muscle fatigue, and sometimes I am SHAKING by the time I finish my reps, but that’s good! I know that I am pushing myself, and since my current workout plan includes two rest days a week, I am not worried about overworking myself.

It’s so easy to get comfortable with whatever weight you use, and not increase after a while. But you need to continue to push yourself to see results. Ladies, it will take A LOT for us to bulk up from heavy weights, so don’t be afraid of them! Today I challenge you to grab the next weight on the rack or increase the weight on the machine, you might surprise yourself!

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