Workout Gear Wish List

Hello! I hope that you have all had a chance to bid on some items or donate to The Great Fundraising Act!

Lately I have been doing really well at committing to four or five days a week of pushing myself at the gym. I am trying hard to push myself and not phone in any workouts (although let’s face it, we’re all human, and phoning one in is still better than not working out) and I am feeling good about it!

I’ve been reading a lot on blogs and heard people talking about how to deal with increased hunger when working out. For me, it’s a huge deal, because I can easily foil my weight loss goals by not fueling properly. What has worked for me in the past has been timing. I also recently read about how important fueling right after you workout helps your weight loss goals, not hinders them. My snacks/meals all need to have protein, carbs, fat, and fiber, so I am going to try splitting my afternoon snack into two parts: pre- and post-workout. Carbs and some healthy fats before my workout (maybe a bit of fiber too) like half a banana and some [homemade] almond butter. And protein and carb post workout like chocolate milk or a slice of cheese or turkey and some fruit. And of course lots of water 🙂

Recently I have been working out a lot more than I was, and I am noticing that a lot of my workout clothes are trashed. I mean, when you have to make sure that you are wearing black underwear underneath your black crops to make sure people can’t tell what color underwear you are wearing or if it has a pattern, it’s time to upgrade.

Unfortunately for me, funds are tight around here since the move, and workout gear isn’t  high on our priority list of purchases. But that doesn’t stop me from online window shopping and creating the ultimate workout gear wish list!! (Each image links to the product’s webpage.)

I have been a big fan of Nike running shoes for a while, they just fit my feet really well for a reasonable price. Before phase 2 of my training plan commences, I am going to go to the Salt Lake Running Company, I’ve heard great things about their store, and they will do a full fit analysis to make sure you end up with the best shoes for your feet.

These Nike shoes are pretty awesome! I prefer my shoes to have some fun color on them, usually pink.

I read some great reviews about these!

Believe it or not, socks totally make a difference!

I heart crops. I don’t like working out in long pants, maybe it was my years and years of dance and practically living in tights, but I don’t like loose-fitting pants or anything below my calves while working out.

I have heard that these Lululemon Wunder Unders are just magical. My friend has a pair and practically lives in them! I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair. Their run crops are awesome too. (Disclaimer: I am OBSESSED with Lululemon Athletica. Obsessed. Their products are high quality, their customer service is great, and I swear to you, their clothes are magical and instantly make you look slimmer. I have one of their Scuba Hoodies and pretty much lived out of it this winter, I also have a bunch of various accessories—including The Mat which changed my yoga practice—and I just love their products. I’ve been holding off on purchasing any pants from them because I don’t want to invest in expensive workout gear that won’t fit once I reach my goal weight. I am already saving 🙂 )

I can’t wait for next summer, when I am back in running shape, and I will be able to bust out some awesome running shorts.


I would like these in about 10 colors, thanks 🙂

And most importantly, the sports bra. I am not the lady who can get away with wearing just any old sports bra to run. I need some extra TLC.

I got this Moving Comfort bra on sale at REI and it has changed my life. Sure getting in and out of it inevitably becomes a wrestling match, boy oh boy am I supported once I am in it!

I love that this one can go up to size DD and the straps are customizable.

OK, now I am really itching to go shopping! It will have to wait a while, but I am looking forward to it 🙂 One of my rewards for getting through my half marathon training is going to be an outfit for race day, and I really don’t think I will be able to run a Tinker Bell race at Disneyland without PINK!

What are some of your favorite workout gear or brands? Is there anything that you have been dying to get? Do you find yourself putting things off until you reach a certain goal?

6 thoughts on “Workout Gear Wish List

  1. Oh do I feel you on this sports bra thing! My 34Es won’t take just any old sports bra. The absolute best that I’ve found is the front-zip from Underarmor, which I get at REI. Sadly, I can’t find them online, but it’s a lot like the Moving Comfort one, which REI does have on sale as a zip-up.

    On other notes, those second Nike socks are really great!

    AND…while you’re trying to get down to your goal weight, maybe invest in some cropped workout pants from Target or TJ Maxx? Places like TJ Maxx tend to have higher end items at more reasonable prices. But I must say that I’ve tried every high-end brand known to man (except Lululemon…I’m forcing myself not to go to the one here quite yet) and my absolute favorites are plain old champions from Target. I live in them.

    • Oh!! I’ve always been kind of scared to try the zip up bras, I get visions if literally falling out of the bra hahaha. But now that I know they are awesome I will keep an eye out 🙂

      I totally agree with you about getting some better priced items at places like Target. I like Old Navy’s stuff too. Next time they have a good sale, it is on!! I like that Old Navy’s stuff tends to be a bit thicker fabric, which I like a lot.

  2. Hey there, found your blog through another and thought i’d say hi! i’ve bookmarked your site and look forward to reading more 🙂 I love anything lululemon but only own a few pieces, (i feel ya on being strapped for cash – that place is realllly expensive!) when i completed my first half marathon I bought a new top, and i think i might do that again for this one (im registered for one in oct)

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