Impromptu Banana Soft Serve

Hello!! I hope that you are all having a wonderful evening. My flight left Arizona at 7:30 this morning, and I was terrified that I was going to oversleep or my alarm wouldn’t go off, so I slept horribly.

Once I got to my gate and found the heaven that is Starbucks right next door, my day significantly brightened. But can we please talk about why Starbucks doesn’t toast bagels? I don’t get it!!

After a glorious nap and some unpacking and cleaning, I was in the mood for a sweet treat after dinner. I have seen a few banana soft serve recipes through Angela’s amazing blog Oh She Glows and I’ve been wanting to give it a try.

I hate over-ripe bananas like no other, yet, I can never seem to eat them all before they get to the point that I don’t like. So I usually have a banana or two (precut and peeled—I’ve already made that mistake…) in the freezer.

I didn’t have all the ingredients to follow any of Angela’s recipes, so I improvised! And it turned out so good! I really recommend trying these, it’s a great nondairy soft serve that’s super easy to make at home.

Impromptu Banana Soft Serve (makes one serving):
1 1/2 frozen banana (cut and peeled before you put in the freezer) 
1 hefty scoop nut butter of choice (I used my homemade variety and the tiny bit I could scrape out of the jar of chocolate peanut butter I had on standby) 
drizzle of vanilla agave syrup 
2 tsp coconut oil 
1 Tbsp coco powder 

Put in food processor and process until soft serve consistency. Most important part: ENJOY!!

Have a wonderful evening. I am working on a new recipe post for tomorrow as well as a video tutorial 🙂

If you are looking for some more specific soft serve recipes, check out these posts on Angela’s website:
Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch ‘Blizzard’
Chocolate Crunch Dessert Granola
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ‘Blizzard’ 

3 thoughts on “Impromptu Banana Soft Serve

  1. BRILLIANT! My fiance loves to indulge in way too much ice cream at night; what a fantastic fix this will be. Trying it this week for sure!

    PS – The Starbucks at my school has a toaster sitting next to the bar so you can toast your own bagels. It’s a great system. How do we get more of them to do that?

    • Yay!!! I was surprised at how filling it was too, my sweet tooth was satisfied before I finished it all! I hope you like it 🙂

      That’s an awesome idea to have a toaster near by, I have a feeling that since this one was in an airport that toasters aren’t allowed, but seriously more locations need to have what your school has.

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